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I just ran across this link that tells Fifty Shades of Grey Gets a Movie Release Date in August 2014.   I can't help but feel a little perplexed by this considering they've only just recently signed on a director for this book to film story.   Although there has been speculations of who will play the leads, overwhelmingly it's understood there isn't actors assigned to the project yet.

How can they get this movie off the ground in just a year, particularly if the actors chosen have other screen obligations to work around, do you think it will happen in this projected time frame?

Have you read the books to this steamy series yet?   Are you looking forward to seeing this movie?

Are there actors you wish to see fill the role of these characters?

I'd love to read your thoughts and yes, I haven't read the books yet.  Do you recommend I finally take the plunge? 

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You know, how you imagine a character to look in your mind when reading a story?  I just started book two.  I still can't put my finger on an Anastasia Steele look-a-like,  but I'm imagining Christian Grey like this:

Click here for picture 

I think Michael Fassbender is a head-turning hunk, and the actor portraying Christian would have to be.  Fassbender also has gray-blue eyes and the just right copper-ish tone to his hair.   

What do you think, am I close to your thoughts or do you have another actor in mind?

I think I like this new pairing, better than the first reported pairing.   What do you think?

Entertainment Weekly shows the pair who will play Grey and Steele together for the first time. 

Entertainment Weekly, Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson

And here's even more photos of the two together.  Looking good! 

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