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Charlie Hunnam Pulls Out of Fifty Shades of Grey, Studio to Recast Role

So many have waited for this day and now the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie leads have been announced.

What do you think of the selections/pairing?

Dakota Johnson, selected to play Anastasia Steele, is the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.  She's also blond.  To stay true to the story, I do hope they give her a brunette hair 'do'.

And for Mr. Grey,  the character will come to life via actor, Charlie Hunnam.  He's an unknown for me but I've been told he played a role in Pacific Rim and also Sons of Anarchy.

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I don't know when I first read this maybe it's because I just met my early 30's, but I was expecting Mr. Grey to be at least 30s, this boy looks like a child and not at all what I was thinking or imagined. I was thinking along the lines of Andrew from The Bachelor from a long time ago that almost married Jen.  I think the way they described him in so much detail, I think this one missed the mark. However since Anastasia Grey was such a  young girl out of college Dakkota Johnson with a brunette hair do I agree would fit the part very well! She's not a very well known actor and I think this would really help her out in this film! Christian Grey character definitely missed the mark :(

The description that I imagined of Christian Grey would be nothing like the cast they chose. Mr Grey would be more like Henry Cavill (Man of Steele) and for the role of Anatasia Steele I pictured an actress like Kristen Stewart. Well I will keep an open mind about it. Looking forward for Aug 2014 ;)

I think I can wrap my mind around Dakota Johnson as Anastasia, (as long as she goes brunette) she's an unassuming knock-out type, how the character is written. 

I'm having a harder time accepting Charlie Hunnam as Grey. 

This is who a large online community is pushing for in hopes of a re-cast.   They could be on to something? 

Alexis Bledel and Matt Bomer

Picture from the link, Online Petition for Recasting

I'm thinking the petition won't hold much weight, especially after seeing this, Casting and Producer Defends Choices.

I have looked at these new choices, I feel someone with more piercing eyes would be more suitable for Mr. Grey. He does look the appropriate age though! The women her hair is too short, I was thinking she would need a lot longer flowing hair, but she almost looks too old - she's supposed to be a senior in college. Hopefully they will keep their first pick with Dakota for Anastasia and pick someone a little different for Grey! Here's hoping! :)

I'm disappointed with their picks, but like others, I had my own favorites to play those parts. I love Charlie in SoA, but he was no where near my radar for Christian's character :/ I've seen pics of Dakota as a brunette and even though she is 23, she looks too old to play 21-year-old Ana to me for some reason. Like another momma said, I will keep an open mind.  Who knows...they may be able to play it off :) I am really looking forward to see how they play this movie out.

Charlie Hunnam Pulls Out of Fifty Shades of Grey, Studio to Recast Roll

I can't help but wonder if this is a story to disguise another story.   The above says the actor pulled out due to scheduling difficulties, but there's been no secret that fans had a hard time accepting Mr. Hunnam as Christian Grey. 

I guess casting is on again.   Do you have a favorite front-runner? 

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