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First Look: Pixar forges new Disney princess with 'Brave'

Oh, this is exciting to read, I hadn't heard there's to be a new Disney Princess planned.   I can't help but grin considering this gal, even if I am a grown woman, will be relate-able to me -red curly hair, of scottish decent and a tom-boy type.  

Can't wait!

How about you?  Is this something for you to look forward to, too?

Below is a teaser clip that promises a summer of 2012 release date.  It does give hints to some "darkness".  I really do hope for some, or mostly, lighter scenes to come.



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The opening is this month.  I'm excitedly counting down for this one.  

It's set to open on June 22, 2012.  You can read more about the movie at IMBd's Brave page or you can check out the movie's official webpage.

Thanks for the updates - I was wondering when this was coming out.  We are excited ourselves :)

I'm sort of bummed we're not catching this film on opening weekend but catch it we will!   We're heading to the beach for a few days and this movie will be on our agenda for our return. 

Although colorful characters are promised premering in the previews, the plot and overall premise of the film has been very vague.  I couldn't help but be curious when I saw this link, Pixar's 'Brave' Plot: What Do You Think It Is?

Some guesses are posted and the author of the article actually gives some insight on what does happen.  Warning, it could be considered a spoiler.  If you want to go into the movie surprised then you may want to skip the end of the write-up. 

Do you want to share what you think the plot will be?

Brave Passes the “Fiery Redhead” Stereotype to a New Generation

While reading the piece linked above, I thought to myself, now, this author must be a woman with red hair.   And in the end, she does admit this.  You can feel her passion that seems personal on the subject throughout. 

Although I don't agree with every mark she makes, I understand her want to make them.  Not too long ago I wrote a little retort after a red head topic hit...

I can not wait to take my daughter to see Brave! I am so glad Disney is making the new breed of Princess out to be strong and way more diverse in their personalities. I think my daughter identifies so much better with the spunky Repunzel in Tangled than she ever would any of the characters from my childhood.

Today is my Lillian's birthday so I decided to treat her and her best friend with a trip to the movies to see Brave. What a treat it was for me, too!

I saw some previews of a, talk-back-to-her-parents, sassy pants princess, in the previews and was a bit concerned with the kind of message that may give to little ones but in the end, it all pans out.  There's a great message for parents and kids alike.  

I LOVED this movie!

Have any of you gone to see it? 

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