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My son's school had a field trip to this event last year. I really enjoyed it, especially the market. They have lots of old fashioned foods and other unique items for sale.

There are demonstrations of trades of that time period, like a blacksmith and rope making. There is a shooting range where you use the old time guns that you have to fill with gunpowder. I don't know if that part is open to the public but it is interesting to watch. 

There were people singing songs and a group of Native Americans did a demonstration and taught the kids some words in their native language.  

It didn't take long to get there from Lakeland


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We've gone as a family several times and tend to look forward to it.  It's almost shockingly authentic, very rustic, and brings the kids home feeling very grateful for modern conveniences.

I did recommend this to a friend since we enjoyed this so much one year and I ended up with a blistering phone call after their visit.  Be forewarned there are some gentlemen that dress in period primitive leather thongs (can't think of the proper name for this type of dress) that completely exposes their backsides.   

The rendezvous takes a week for themselves- not open to the public- but then opens on the weekend to the public following this.   

Below is the official website of the Alfia River Rendezvous.  There, it tells the public days are, Friday, January 25th and Saturday, January 26th.   

Period dress is encouraged and I think this is the biggest kick my kids have with the whole thing.  They love to dress up, but, lol, we're not dressing in thongs.  :o   Ethan, my teenager, likes to dress in his kilt.  

Alafia 2013

We'll be there on Education Day (Thursday) with our Homeschool group. The Rendezvous and the Renaissance Faire are the 2 things we DO NOT miss! My kids love dressing up and talking to everyone about how they live. Absolutely fantastic! 

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