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Florida Back To School Sales Tax Holiday August 2 through August 4, 2013

The Florida Department of Revenue issued (click here) the 2013 Sales Tax Holiday dates and they will be August 2 through August 4, 2013 this year.

It can be handy to and easier on the budget to buy tax free within those days.  Will you be waiting for these days that will save you our local tax rate of 7%?

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I'm not in the market for some new technology, but for those of you that are, this could be great news for a good deal. 

For first time, computers added to exempt list

It seems like when I posted this it was so far away.  Low and behold, this weekend is here.   Don't forget this weekend is sales tax free weekend. 

There's also a list of items included and not included in the sales tax holiday at http://www.theledger.com/taxholiday

That's a great and wonderfully detailed list.  Thank you for adding it.  :) 

Ledger Media said:

There's also a list of items included and not included in the sales tax holiday at http://www.theledger.com/taxholiday

I was low on some major stock-up grocery items so I decided to head to Wal-Mart yesterday for some better deals.   Bartow, late morning Friday was packed.   I was surprised so many were already out taking advantage of the tax breaks.  The grocery side was a little less frantic, thankfully, but those crowds had me glad I wasn't there to shop for back-to-school.

I do think I may venture out for some school shoes today.  Good luck out there to everyone, may you find good deals and low hassles. 

If any of you plan to hit the mall for back-to-school shopping, I found a 30% off printable coupon for Aeropostale if you're interested.  Find it right here.

I used to shop the tax free weekend, but after that first time I called it quits. It was worse than Black Friday that time I went. I could not get anything I needed and was scrambling the day before to buy stuff. I usually buy at the end for the following year when they start to mark things down.

When our son started pre school they ran great clearance sales afterwards and between us and my mom we stocked up on a bunch of stuff. Still have glue and glue sticks, some markers and crayons, and tons of pens. Finally finished off all the packs of pencils so will be looking for those at clearance. Still have 1 subject spiral notebooks, marble comp books, folder with brads, and dividers.

For clothes I traded in his school tees last year to get the $3 coupon off per tee for new tees this year. Saved $15 on that right there, got everything else when on sale, coupons or offered gift cards with purchases. Been done for the past 2 weeks and everything is bagged in 1 place so ready to go. I bought the binders last year for $3 clearance so that helped too.

How was it for everyone, did you go out?   I didn't dare attempt to brave it again after hearing from someone via their cell how crazy it was at Lakeland Square Mall. 

I did do some online shopping for my high school aged son on Saturday.  I feel like the selection is bigger online sometimes and if they don't fit correctly, then I'll go to the local store of the retailer to make an exchange.  

Also, for my Bartow Elementary Academy kiddos I ordered embroidered uniforms from the Cookies Kids website. They have the BEA pattern for the stitchery.

I did go out on Saturday to Publix for some dinner items and picked up some good deals on supplies there.   Funny enough, hardly no one was in there, I suppose everyone was back-to-school shopping versus grocery shopping.  It worked out well for me.  They had a great assortment of plastic folders with pockets and 3-prongs on BOGO. 

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