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Besides the typical potato salad and water melon slices that are 4th fare, the past couple of years I've made Fourth of July shooters (for the adults only, of course). They are cuter than they are tasty but still a hit none the less. 

Here's a red, white and blue drink option for the kids (non-alcoholic)

Do you have patriotic themed recipes to share?


What do you typically do for the 4th?


I wanted to add to this topic this link for Fun Fourth of July Facts & Games (who wouldn't want to miss a water melon seed spitting contest?)


And safety first! Here are some tips from the National Council on Fireworks Safety.

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The Disney Family Fun site never disappoints on providing cute ideas on the net, they didn't let us down for Fourth of July!  

4th of July Recipe Ideas


Those strawberries are adorable!   I think I'll have to add them to my to-do list.  :) 




Okay, I've made no secret to my fascination with making red, white and blue food options. 


Here are some things that have me giddy.


Red, white and blue finger jello


Patriotic Poke Cake


If you want a healthy homemade option to stripping jello check out this page: Better than the Box: Red White and Blue Jello


And, if any of you are interested, while searching the web for red, white and blue jello options I stumbled across this page that took great study and lengths in getting the perfect blue jello shot. 

ER Visits by Teen Boys Skyrocket During July 4 Weekend


Funny, my teen boys walked in right when I was opening this article. They of course rolled their eyes.  Posting this for your own teen eyeroll enjoyment.  :)

Fourth of July is just a week away.   If you plan on staying home and feeding the family or putting out a large spread for family and friends, it's time to plan.   Here's another red, white and blue food ideas link.  Could there ever be too many?

Be sure to add your 4th favorites.  :)

I'm bringing this discussion back for some Fourth of July inspiration. 

Patriotic Berry Dessert

This looks, yummy, ultra accessible to guests and, of course, patriotic.  Love it.  Find the how to at this blog link, Patriotic Berry & Cake Dessert Platter

Here's some pictures of a snack the kids and I tried last night.  Well, I guess I should say, the kids.  I wanted to do this with them but I endedup being a bystander because, they were so into it, that they just sort-of elbowed me to the back and said, "Mom, we got this."

The kids really did find this fun.   We used white candy melts instead of white chocolate and I really liked how this turned out- smooth and tasty.  I have a habit of burning white chocolate chips in the microwave  (I feel like a big girl to admit it, hee hee).  For the melts or chocolate chips, it's best to use partial power for melting in your microwave.  I just use the defrost setting, it works like a charm. 

Bumping it back up!   I hope you have a fabulous time putting together some red, white and blue treats.  Don't forget, we love to see pictures!

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