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Frankenstorm, Sandy: However Named, The U.S. is in for a Major Weather Event

Are you watching for updates?   The storm hasn't even impacted at its worse and already, boats are sunk, people are missing, and flooding has begun in the United States.  

I do know of someone that had travel plans cancelled because of this storm but I'm sure there are, and will be, much bigger impacts and stories of people affected far worse.  

Another personal note, my sister's husband works for an electrical company and he was sent ahead of the storm to anticipate restoring power for people.  She is worried sick about him.

Are you concerned for friends and family in the projected path?

Cold, wet, and no power, I have a lot of sympathy for folks sure to be touched by this weather system. 

Storm Gaining Power As It Heads for Northeast

Sandy turns toward East Coast, flooding begins

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I think we'll be waking up to some tragic results from last night's storm.     The light of day will be all showing.  

The pictures coming out of the North East are amazing.  

For instance, look at this.  A rollercoaster in the ocean.  Wow! I found this picture at this NBC News slideshow

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