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Lakeland's Lakeside Village Cobb Theatre Free Summer Movie Schedule

Winter Haven Cobb Free Summer Movie Schedule

I'm not sure if the Cinemas at Eagle Ridge Mall have a free movie schedule.  If you run into one, please post it. 

There are a couple of movies I'm eyeing on the schedules that look visit worthy.  We still haven't seen, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Tooth Fairy looks cute.  :)

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The Regal Cinemas in Lake Wales does have free movies this summer you can see the schedule here:

i don't see anything on the list i have to see with brooke.

cloudy with a chance of meatballs is on instant netflix right now. and i have toothfairy netflixed also. those would be the only 2 that looked good to me.

Lake Wales Regal Cinemas offer movies for a dollar a person, different movies than the Cobb in Winter Haven though.


Here is the schedule/movies for Eagle Ridge :)


6/21-22 Despicable Me or How to train your dragon


6/28-29 Muppets take Manhattan or Shrek ever after


7/5-6 Charlotte's Web or Megamind


7/12-13 Nanny McPhee returns or Pirates who don't do anything


7/19-20 Kitt Kitridge or Last Airbender


7/26/27 Astro boy or Tale of Desperauex


8/2-3 Romona and Beezus or Yogi Bear


8/9-10 Marmaduke or Muppets from space

Since the original post is from last summer (of 2010) I wanted to add the summer of 2011 schedule here, too, so that some may not confuse the two.  The original 2010 links do not clearly mark the year of the schedule.


Here is the Lakeland Cobb18 Lakeside Free Movie schedule for the summer of 2011.


Here is the Winter Haven Cobb's Free Movie Schedule for the summer of 2011.


The Lake Wales Theater is showing $1 PG and G movies.  Look here for their 2011 summer scheduling.

Has anyone been to a movie yet? How early do you have to arrive? Is it hard to get in? Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated!
We went today. They open at 9:30 at the Cobb in Winter Haven. There were alot of people there they must have had more than 1 theatre open because it wasn't crowded in the 1 we were in. It was really fun. The line was a little long but it didn't take long at all to get in. Good morning out for the kids, adults are free too.
Awesome! Thank you for that information!

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