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Many times, as parents, we're faced with a situation where funds are needed in connection with something our children are involved in.

Just to name a few examples of what I've seen money requested for are: class or individual trips, PTA or general school needs, sports teams, boy and girl scouts, 4-H and Youth groups.   Naming all those options, I know plenty of us have been involved in some form or fashion with fundraising.

Will you share your experience? 


Do you know of, or have you been a part of a fundraiser that did well that you would recommend to a parent or group for their own fundraising needs?

Now, I'm familiar with Krispy Kreme's fundraiser with decent results but here's one I've never heard of, a Little Debbie Cakes Fundraiser.

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Awesome - I'll have to check out the Little Debbie fundraiser. :). Our season has been over for all of 2 days and I'm already looking for fundraisers for next season!!!!!

I was team mom for my kids' football team for the first time this season. Wow is fundraising a lt of work! I knew it would be but still wasn't prepared!! Our coach feels many kids won't continue to play after this division (7-10 yr olds) and even if they do they put SO much work into it at their young age so he likes really nice trophies for the boys. He does nice trophies plus plaques for all the boys plus a couple special awards. It's really nice but also really expensive so we have a pretty high fundraising goal each season.

This season we did Pizza Hut fundraising cards which sell for $10 and the team made $6 from each. They're good for when a customer spends $15 they get a free medium three topping pizza and could be used 10 times I think (maybe 12? I don't remember) We also did NFL/college football popcorn buckets which honestly we made more on than I expected. They sell for $15 and we made $5 on each. I was very happy with that fundraiser. www.spiritpopcorn.com We also did the good old helmet drive which although I personally hate, they are profitable.

In the past we sold spirit cups - through the same company as the popcorn we did this season. www.spiritcups.com I actually had a lot of people asking for the cups again so I'll probably have that again as one of my Fundraisers in the fall. The cups are versatile - they do not only NFL/college football, but also MLB and military cups. My kids use the cups daily and I run them through the dishwasher all the time and they hold up well. those sell for $15 and we make $5 off each sale just like the popcorn.

Our PTA has had very successful results with Otis Spunkmeyer cookies - we have made A LOT of money on that fundraiser in the past 2 years. Perry with Otis is awesome and he really works hard to make sure everything runs smoothly and that it's really profitable for us. We sell them every year before Thanksgiving and everyone buys them to have them on hand for the holidays.

We have also sold spirit cups with our logo on it - Pam at Impressive Advertising Specialties in Auburndale did them for us - she was local and we had a great profit margin from them - she was great with the pricing and delivery, etc.

Our soccer club recently participated in the Belk Dept. Store Charity Day event - it happens in the fall and in the spring of each year. We sold tickets to the store's private event for $5 and 100% of the profit from the proceeds were ours to keep.  Belk provided everything to us so there was absolutely no cost for us to do the fundraiser, we kept all the money from the sale of the tickets and during the event, a few parents volunteered to help out at the store, so we earned even more money. It was a total win-win situation.  They told us the next charity day event is in November and they will start passing out tickets to organizations in August - so we can start fundraising before the schools start their own fundraising projects.

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