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My sister is coming home from the service for the holidays this year for the first time in several years. Our grandmother has been raising her three kids. We're all meeting at our grandmother's house, including nieces and nephews I haven't seen in years. We'd all like to make this time special. Could you please recommend neat gifts for kids and adults for ages 1 to 65?

Here are some neat gifts I got for kids in my large family that your family will love. The Scribble and Play eWriter lets kids write and scribble in a rainbow of colors without paper or crayons. It has writing tools on all 4 corners with an erase button that's convenient and easy. The Jot 4.5 eWriter is the size of a large smart phone and has an LCD screen. You can free draw or use the ABC flashcards that are included. It's a great tool for practicing letter writing and its technical feel will excite children of all ages. Both are by Boogie Board. My Fairy Garden will be a huge hit. It includes all the dirt and seeds so there's no guessing how much to put where and the educational insert explaining how the plants grow is awesome. Roominate- Emma's Townhouse and Cotton Candy Carnival, two different sets, are a fun alternative to Legos. Colors pop and are eye-catching. Each kit comes with a real motor for motion! All three are from PlayMonster. - M. Degraeve in Kensington, PA
Here are some gift suggestions for your family. FUNKtional Wearables designed some cool snap bracelets to dress up FitBits and other activity trackers. There are several to choose from and are fashionable. Cabbage Patch Kids-Baby So Real has gone above and beyond on the doll including many sensor-related features like the amazing eye expressions. The interactive bottle and medicine spoon are a blast and make kids feel like a real parent. Xtreme Cycle Moto-Cam, by Wicked-Cool, is super fast and sleek. It's a remote controlled motorcycle with camera ability that allows each person to watch their own video just like they are the one riding it. It's very exciting! “How to Catch an Elf,” by Adam Wallace, pretty much speaks for itself. It's a cute book with eye-catching graphics. “Happy Family Organic Superfoods Cookbook for Baby & Toddlers,” by Shazi Visram, has yummy recipes which don't have a ton of ingredients or crazy intimidating ones but rather are all-natural. Sleep Easily, was created by Richard Shane, Ph.D., for people with sleep disorders and is a medication-free sleep solution that is quite incredible, especially after all the research he put into it. All products mentioned in the column are available on Amazon. Most of all, cherish your special time with your sister and family.

We have five girls and one son. Our son is the baby of the family and is now one. However, our daughters do everything for him. We are afraid that he will not learn anything on his own as well as become really spoiled. How can we get these little girls to understand that while their love is appreciated, they have to let their little brother do some things by himself without making them upset?

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