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Hello all! I could really use some help if anyone has any recommendations on a good doctor to treat thyroid problems in this area. I'm also seeking a new just regular primary if anyone could help.

Thanks so much!

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I work in health care and we get many referrals from Dr Miller(endocrinologists) in Winter Haven. All his patients like him very much  and his office staff are very nice .

We had a GREAT pediatric endocrinologist in Tampa. I cannot sing enough praises for her. If it's for your child, her name is Dr. Lin. She's located at the St. Josephs Hospital.

My general practitioner is Dr. Mazaheri at Watson Clinic. She also treats my hypothyroidism. She's good and very proactive.

Dr.Oates at Watson Clinic is very good, my husband uses his.

All the doctors at Watson Clinic are good, our primary dr. is not taking new patients.

I totally agree with the first response.  I also agree that Dr. Miller at bond clinic is the best.  The staff is very patient and understanding.  Oh yeah did I mention that I work for Dr. Miller.  Regardless he is great.

Hi, this is Dr. Ghaly. I am a board certified family physician in South Lakeland. If a patient has straightforward hypothyroidism, that is managed by primary care physicians routinely and may not be worth the cost of a specialist. If it's more complicated like hyperthyroidism or a thyroid mass it may need the services of a specialist. I perform thyroid ultrasounds in the office if someone has a mass.

Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are diagnosed and managed by regular lab work. Symptoms are also taken into account. 

To see an endorionolgist, you may need a referral from your primary care doctor, depending on your insurance. I know both Dr. Miller and Dr. Oates very well. I think you would be fine with either. I actually worked at Bond Clinic for about 6 years, where Dr Miller works.

I am in South Lakeland. Dr. Oates is at Watson Clinic (North Lakeland). Dr Miller is in WInter Haven.

Hope this helps.

Thank you all so much for your input! Really appreciate it. My case is not straightforward, I've tried Dr Oates but would like to be evaluated by someone else. Seems like a lot of the docs only pull TSH labs, nothing else (Not Free T3 & T4, antibodies,etc). I need someone thorough.

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