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Got an email from a blog I belong to.  They offered a cheap home remedy to remove weeds.  I am going to get some vinegar and try this myself.  I rather try this first before going out to buy weed killer again.  I'll let you know how it goes.  I included the link to the site about the vinegar.


Any ides on what to use to get rid of ants.  I've sprayed inside and out and laid down traps.  With it being so hot and dry they are coming in to get water.  Driving me CRAZY!!!!  Tried using chalk and some other home remedy ideas and still nothing.  Please rain soon...LOL

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We have this clear gel stuff that I got from lowes it comes in a seringe type thing. It works the best on the ants we have. That I really think are Pharo ants. Also demon works.

I am so going to try this :)

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