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Hey Everyone,

             I just heard about the water park over at Lake Eva, and was wondering what others thought about it. I am from Lakeland, and have never been there. I also can't seem to find any clear directions as to where it is or how to get there from here. We are thinking about actually heading over tomorrow. Can anyone tell me anything about it?




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I actually live just 2 blocks from it and my kids love it.  its very easy to get to.  Just take 17/92 E all the way into Haines City and turn right onto 6th Street and go several blocks takes you right into it

Ashley, did you go?  I definitely plan to have a summer time get-together for us at this park over the summer.   I've never been and look forward to checking it out with the kiddos.  :)

does anyone have an address?? I was looking for something just like this the other day!! so happy I can take them somewhere fun and cheap! I might even do the family pass if its not to far from my house.


oh and its only open ont he weekends untill monday then its open all week for the summer!

I was looking for more info for a possible family visit here tomorrow, but was sad to see they raised the price to $5 per person. The links I posted above do not work any more either. 

Haines City needs to hire someone to develop their SEO campaign because it is ridiculously hard to find info about this park!

Here is a link to the Haines City Lake Eva Aquatic Center

And, yes, it does show an increase in pricing there. 

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