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Are you moms ready to chat Halloween costumes?  I know we are still about a month out from the holiday but some of us may have to do some major work and searches to get the right ideas, accessories, and sizes.  It could take us a whole month!

Not to mention online ordering.  We have to have costumes shipped in time to make sure everything is A-okay and in good shape to make for happy trick-or-treaters.

Do you already know what your child aims to dress up as for Halloween?  Do you ever make costumes yourself?

If you find good sites and good online deals selling dress-up gear, please post those.

If you find links with great ideas and costume making guidelines, please add those, too.

Here's a list of 35+ Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids to get us started.

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Phew!  I'm all set with the kids, thank goodness!   On Friday our package arrived and my kiddos got their costumes.   They tried them on, they love them, so I can assure you, I will be back to post pictures of them dressed up for tonight.  I hope to see your pictures, too.  :)
I wasn't going to dress up this year, which for me is rare. Last minute today I changed my mind - luckily in my closet I have a flapper-ish dress (not from a previous Halloween, my own dress somehow egads!) fishnets (always gotta have those ;) ) and a couple lengths of pearls so when I ran out today for trick or treat bags (almost a crisis - hard to find on the day you need them!) I picked up a boa on sale so I'm set!
Ohhhh, that sounds awesome and creative.  I'm totally jealous :D    Make sure you get pics to share, this I want to see :D

Alicia (Alsan) said:
I wasn't going to dress up this year, which for me is rare. Last minute today I changed my mind - luckily in my closet I have a flapper-ish dress (not from a previous Halloween, my own dress somehow egads!) fishnets (always gotta have those ;) ) and a couple lengths of pearls so when I ran out today for trick or treat bags (almost a crisis - hard to find on the day you need them!) I picked up a boa on sale so I'm set!
I got so excited tonight! My husband's work buys them Halloween costumes every year and makes them wear them for an event before Halloween. My husband hates to dress up, but for thie work event he has no choice. Anyway, last year they did a gangster theme and we still have the costume. For 14 yrs I've tried to get the man to dress up with me but he'll have no part of it. Finally, somehow tonight I talked him into it! : D

My littles guys love to dress up together - this year Mario and Luigi. They were so cute! I never push them to dress alike, but they always do and I just love it! Buzz and Woody one year, Batman and Robin last year. :) so cute! I've tried to talk the fam into a theme - all 7 of us but it will never happen lol!

We also had a zombie punk, an Indian and a morphsuit. I don't understand the morphsuit at all but he had his heart set on it and my husband likes to make movies with the kids so we're thinking the green morphsuit could be fun with the green screen- an invisible boy movie will probably be next.

Alicia, your whole post dazzled me! The green suite/ green screen idea; Love it!


Good for you getting your honey to dress up.  I bet you two rocked it. Did you get pics?


I could kick myself, but I didn't get any pictures!  I am so shocked.  Really, that has never happened in my entire life as a mom not to get at least some Halloween pictures.  My afternoon was packed before the party we were to attend.  Scrambling to get food prepared, the kids homework done and the kids dressed (and mom, too) I have a friend that does a bring a dish party, we eat then we trick-or-treat around her neighborhood.  It really was a lot of fun, but I forgot to bring my camera!  Ugh!  I have to count on some of my pals in hopes they got enough good ones of my kiddos, too.  If so, I'll snag some to add here :)


While I was at the party last night I had a little guy pull on the very regular dress I was wearing, look to my daughter's sprayed pink and glittered hair, back to me, and say. "Um, Shawn?  This is a costume party.  Where is your costume?"  LOL, I think I really let him down.   Next year, I must get with the program.  I must!


A group of teenagers came around trick or treating in our neighborhood, about six of them, all dressed as Batman.  Nice to see the teens dressing up this year!  Our 5 year old got a kick out of it!
My hubby has made movies with the kids for years - no regular home movies for this clan lol! He uses the green screen a lot so when the oldest was begging for a morph suit and we saw it came in green we caved, as long as he got green! It'll probably take forever before hubby has time to come up with a storyline and actually film a movie, but he'll probably do a "commercial" before long.

I'll try and get pics up in a bit, I discovered it needs to be done from the computer, not a function I can do on the iPad. Between sick kids home today and burying one of our dogs I'm just getting around to making lunch. My icky chore is done, I need to make lunch, clean a few things up, have a stiff drink, (not necessarily in that order) I should be able to get on the computer later - I finally on Internet on the desktop last weekend so I least it's an option now!
Burying one of your dogs?   :(  I'm sorry to hear this. Over the years we've heard a lot about different ones, the surgery and sweetness of your Rottie and your dressed-up poodle come to mind easily.   :(

We had 4 dogs - this was the oldest, Shanti. She's been getting worse over the last month, we were just starting to talk about having her put down when my husband went into the hospital so we put it off. But yesterday she had no strength and stopped being able to get up at all and her breathing was real labored - worse than before which was already bad.  So today I sat with her for a bit and I'm glad I was with her when she died. This was the first time I've had to deal with this as I wasn't raised with pets. I didn't want to wait for hubby to get home with a dead animal laying around so I sucked it up and buried her myself. Turns out I'm stronger than I thought. I wish I could say she was a good dog, lol, she was a pain in the neck. Great with people, but loved to chase anything that moved and we had to work real hard to keep her on our property.  My husband actually recused her from near death as a baby - he was working in apartment maintenance and someone had skipped out leaving a litter of puppies behind. By the time they were found only 2 were barely alive. They nursed them back to health, my husband brought one home and his co worker took the other.  I can't tell you how many times I've complained about that dog over the years, but she was very loyal, good with the kids if not the other dogs. She'll be missed though.

I remember hearing her story too.  Still very sorry to learn of this.


On a happier note, I love the pictures you posted.  I can so see that green suit being perfect for an invisible boy.    You and your hubby sure do make a cute dressed up couple!

My kids were chatting about their school's upcoming storybook character day -

that then leads into costumes in general, followed by Halloween discussions. 

Then, when I was hopping onto iVillage scouting for stories this morning, I saw they're already chatting the dos and and don'ts of costumes.  

Check out some of these don'ts- some that make the list definitely deserve to be there!

And here's their 'do' list. Of course, it's totally up to interpretation.

Are you chatting costumes at your house yet?

Do any of you need a last minute costume idea?  I saw these at this link and thought some were pretty clever and most with things we have laying around the house already. 

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