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I must have a problem, I feel like so many things sneak up on me, and today, IT'S HALLOWEEN!   

Although I feel like I did get off to a good start, I had costumes bought right of the bat and a bowl filled with candy for trick-or-treaters, I still fell short on a couple of things.

I just picked up pumpkins yesterday (yesterday!) while the kids were at school.  That's not my typical at all.  I usually carry them along to pick their own. That's part of the fun, right?

I comforted myself by deciding I would buy a couple extra that they could choose from.  

I get to Wal-Mart in Bartow yesterday, and although they were a REALLY good deal ($2.30), the pickings were slim.  Like 9 pumpkins (and I could be being generous with that number) left!   I grabbed the best three I could find and brought them home.

Tonight we must carve them.  I really hope teachers won't pack my kids down with a lot of homework tonight and of course, Halloween night as well.

My other slack moment is we always make Halloween themed cupcakes.  I already have  the sprinkles, the cute spooky cupcake liners, all the key components but, time.  Yeah, I'm missing that.   So this we must squeeze in after school today, too.

Are you ready at your house? 

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It sure did sneak up.  On Facebook I keep getting Black Friday countdown alerts too...LOL  There's only a whopping 24 more days till Black Friday.  Found that most store websites start their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day.  Some start in the morning, some throughout the day and others start at 3pm.  Joy!!

As far as tomorrow I got away cheap.  Jesse doesn't want to go Trick or Treating, but said he'll hand out candy.  So tomorrow I got to put the chili in the crockpot, make up some rice, clean the carport out, set up the table and chairs and get the candy ready.  I'll charge up the DS and PSP in case he wants to play in between the kids.  We don't get many kids so we'll see how much we have leftover.  Luckily I bought candy that we eat here in case we have it leftover. 

Kind of in the mood with this cold weather to put up the Christmas decorations and pop in the Christmas music cd.  LOL

Does any one know for sure what time trick or treat starts  hear in lakeland fla.. Cause ive did hear different times and i want to be sure..

Tabby, I know, this weather does give off that Christmas feel.  Brr!

Well, of course, the kids had a ton of homework. We managed to get it done, the handwritten parts, but we didn't fit in spelling words studying or AR reading tonight, which kind of stinks because I doubt we'll get much of that done tomorrow night either.   

I went ahead and did the cupcakes while the kids did their homework and without them, and then moved on to other Halloween decorating with them and finally on to pumpkin carving.  

Susan, I know I chatted with you in live chat about Trick-or-Treating times but for others I'll post those too.   The general consensus seems to be 6 to 9 p.m. 

yea, i usually turn the lights off at 9pm (before kids even) - because it is usually teenagers and sometimes even college kids.  I like seeing all the little kids dress up, but know that I have my own well its more fun to see them dressed up LOL (selfish sounding, I know).  I always dress up, this year I am so excited, me and the girls are going as Cinderella and the BF as prince charming (he is such a good sport!)

Happy Halloween, everyone!  Stay safe, and warm this year.  

How funny to have years to think back on that have been sweat soaked hot and others that are so cold.  

Stacie, that sounds so cute!  Get some pictures for us to see.  :)

I'm debating on whether I'll dress up tonight but I did dress up for a party this past weekend. I went as Pippi Longstockings. 

Happy Halloween everyone! Lots of excitement here at our house my four year old son is having a blast between dressing up for preschool yesterday, Kindermusik today and the Lakeland Square Mall then the regular stroll through the neighborhood it's a riot. I encouraged him to be a pirate for his classes minus the cutlas so we can avoid the sword fights. Tonight if he wants he might be a Roman soldier. I looking around for something to dress up as right now I think my best bet is Rosie the Riveter I hope I have a good shirt for it otherwise I'm back to searching. I'd love to be better prepared to dress up we all just recovered from bronchitis though so that ate up prep time and energy.

Looking forward to enjoying this cooler weather and festivities, stay safe everyone, have fun!

How did it go for everyone?

We usually go every year to a friend's house for a dinner party with trick-or-treating afterward in her subdivision neighborhood with good results.  Not sure what happened this year but so many people were not participating at all.  Cars in the driveway but dark houses.  In years past my children have had overflowing amounts of candy and this year they barely covered the bottom of their small buckets.  They were disappointed for this reason and to do so much walking with little reward.   I know that sounds rotten on their part but that's one of the things children gear up for, the thrill of gaining the treat.   Obviously I'm glad we don't have a ton of candy to deal with like most years but I'm still surprised by the difference in the same neighborhood different years.

Staying up a little past bedtime last night, my little girl was sure grumpy this morning! 

I got TONS of leftover candy and just about as many Mosquito bites.  Surprised even with the cooler weather they swarmed us.  Jesse gave up after sitting outside for an hour.

 At 6:10pm I got 2 little ones and their dad (a Princess, Spiderman and dad as Joe Dirt).  At 6:45pm my neighbors 2 boys came over (one in a morph suit Alien and the other one in a morph suit Skeleton).  At around 8pm my neighbor's teenage daughter and her friend came over.  That was it.  I sat at the end of the driveway so they would see me out there, but they never came down here. 

I have a HUGE plastic candy barrel that I am going to dump it all in.  I will send some tonight with hubby and Tuesday call therapy to see if they want some.  Unfortunately I opened the bags so not sure if PTS will accept it or not. 

Next year we'll just stay in and watch scary movies and pop popcorn.  No candy buying.  Between my mom and myself we spent about $25 in candy.

Yesterday was a lot of fun! We pulled off trick or treating the mall and our street during the evening and Joey was a knight (I think his accessories look more like a Roman soldier) but either way he had a great time. (I never thought I'd regret getting rid of my chambray shirt but I had so no Rosie the Riveter here. I went sort of pirate/ska party girl.) I thought the mall was much busier this year, some shops ran out of candy much sooner or just didn't hand out any. I'm not bothered by that though we don't need it just the fun of going is enough. We did however miss the costumed stilt walkers from the year before. I didn't see as much entertainment provided this year. The kids missed that but for myself people watching was plenty. There were many creative costumes. I think my favorite and my sons would have to be the Zombie Bride and Zombie Prom girl. My son spotted the yellow princess gown dressed zombie girl from behind he was ready to sprint the 5 store distance between us to say hello. I made him wait on our group though. He did however catch up to her a bit later and she graciously accepted a hug from her little admirer. She made him one happy knight!

Gotta say kudos too to Old Navy, they were scrambling liking and passing out balloons. I think their balloon was a favorite received treat for us and our friends.

Once home hubby and son did the door to door on our street then returned home. Joey received par with last year from our street but I suspect a few more homes had lights off just those that were handing out we're particularly generous. I know we handed out a fair amount, I have no idea how many kids came by though they all came by before we arrived back from the mall. Hubby said there were a good number though.

Hope everyone had fun.

We had about 125 trick-or-treaters to our neighborhood.  Usually have closer to 200.  So we had a little bit of candy left over.  Although the kids looked like they were having fun, by 8:15 we had our last visitors.  There were more houses this year with lights out, too.  The price of candy is ridiculous, but I enjoy the night as much as the kids do!

And I'm with Tabby - I thought the cooler weather would discourage the mosquitoes, but they were out in full force!

Did anyone go to Ghouls Night Out on Saturday in downtown Winter Haven?  We had our table set up for Operation Christmas Child so I didn't get to check out much.  But it didn't seem to be as well represented by vendors and downtown businesses as last year.  I did hear from 1 parent that they stood in a line that was 2 blocks long on Central Avenue and only got 1 piece of candy.  We gave out a lot of candy (and were told to be as prepared as last year).  

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