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Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving today with their family and friends. 

Not sure what time we'll eat later since it's just hubby, myself, our son and my mom. The crock pot breakfast casserole came out okay.  Just wished someone told my crock pot that it is suppose to take 8 hours on low to cook and not 4-5 hours.  The smell had me up at 2:30am, so I stuck it on "keep warm".  Got up at 5:30am physically, tossed on slippers, jacket and headed to the gas station for the paper.  Just about done now with the piece of casserole and my first cup of coffee. 

Anyone started shopping online yet?  So mad that the stores wised up and put some of their BF sale things to In Store Only.  Really bites, but what can you do.  Guess I'll have to grab the flyer and head to Walmart later tomorrow in hopes I can still get what I want.  If not I'll have to wait till Cyber Monday maybe and see what sales they have.  I was able to order my mom the Prometheus movie she wanted.  Paid about $14 after tax (pick up later today when they open, but I'll do it tomorrow or Saturday) to Best Buy online for the Blu Ray/DVD/Digital Copy.  I ordered my tablet pc from Best Buy yesterday for $92 (tax and shipped to the store). 

Anyways...Enjoy your day and be safe if you're headed out to shop.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Tabby! Enjoy your day!

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