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I've seen Polk Mommas come together before so I thought I'd ask for some help. One of my coworkers comes from Illnois and has many family members who lost everything in the recent tornados in Illnois. Thankfully her family members, actualy amazingly everyone in the town, survived - but the town has been hit very hard and everyone is left with virtually nothing. She's collecting items to bring up there, she's planning on heading up the first week of December. Household goods, clothing, etc is what she's collecting and I'm going through my house to see how I can help. If any of you have kitchen or household items you don't use, clothes you or your kids have outgrown - especially cold weather clothes - they sure could use them up there. I'd be happy to pick up throughout Polk and bring them to her if you've got anything you'd like to donate.

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I'm going to chalk up my ability to not dig up too much to bad timing.  I had a huge purge and had a yard sale a few weekends ago.   I had four tables of clothes.   What I didn't sell, I donated to the Church Service Center in my town.  

Obviously I've been tracking the story, it is completely heartbreaking.  :(

I'll see what I can dig up.   What deadline do we have?

What is deadline? If the 3rd isn't too late let me know and I can meet you that morning
Let me know on facebook
If I remember correctly, she's planning on driving to IL the 7th or 9th - somewhere around there. I'll contact her and find out exactly. Thanks. :)

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