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My daughter will be two in July and I would like her to start a Pre-K type school or daycare.  Does anyone know of a good place here in Winter Haven that accepts two year olds? 

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Here is a link to DCF provider information where you can view provider inspections etc.


I've looked in Winter Haven also... I was sadly disappointed.  I haven't found any Pre-K that takes anyone under four hears of age.  My only option was childcare, she was only there for 3 months before I pulled her out.  I am now a stay home mom and will be homeschooling daughter who just turned two in February.  I have been visiting allt he teaching/learning stores I can find and finally found some great work for two year olds.  We just started last week on basics (colors, numbers, shapes).  But I would like to find a group nearby so she can get some social interaction. Can you let me know what you find?   I am willing to share what I have too!

The only thing I have really found is that the Winter Haven library does a reading and fun time group a couple days a week which I may start taking her to.

That sounds fun!  She loves books... maybe we'll see you there.  I guess I could always try and start my own playgroup huh?  We'll see...


I have heard of MOPS (mothers with Preschoolers) and there is a kindercare, but it is in plant city...  Not much out there...

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