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Sometimes you entertain at your house for the holidays or maybe you make your rounds to friends or family.  Either way, I came up with a gift to give in either circumstance that I wanted to share.

Considering I project a "more the merrier" attitude, It's happened to me where an invited guest has brought with them an extra person through my door for a holiday.  I hate to not have something special for unexpected guests so it's nice to have an extra gift stash. 

Here's my solution:  wrapped, pre-made refrigerated cookie dough.  

I also find this to be a great gift if you're the guest to give to your host.

Here's what I like to do.  

Choose your own favorite cookie dough recipe (I suppose you could cheat with store-bought)  I used my cowboy cookie recipe (find it by clicking here).

I then make a log on the freezer paper being careful to leave paper to tie off the ends

As I'm wrapping the dough, I form a more cylinder log as I go.

I tie the ends with something pretty.  I've used ultra cute baker's twine before but this year I sprung for some sparkly yarn I found at my local Hobby Lobby (Lakeland).  I like sparkly. 

You can label your paper in a number of ways.   Some of you were blessed with beautiful handwriting.  I wasn't.   So I resort to stamping.

With the stamping I used craft paint rather than ink.  It was a color option thing for me.

I didn't have the exact green I loved so I mixed a more evergreen, green and an apple green to come up with this variant. 

When using stamps, be sure to get the hang of how a letter looks, get it in the right direction (though, if you get one or two backwards on accident, all is not lost. Your recipient will likely perceive it as a touch of whimsy, I'm sure), and to test the correct loading of paint amount.  You don't want your letters too gloopy.  Okay, I don't think that's a word, but you know what I mean.

Here's how it looks.  It isn't as time consuming as it may seem especially when you're doing multiple rolls at once.   I just made three rolls so I would do, c,c,c then o,o,o, then w,w,w, so you don't have to find the right letters over and over.

You can refrigerate or freeze these, but let dry in one or the other so your dough is not compromised by being at room temperature too long.

Before giving away, I'll add a printed tag for cooking directions.  

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So cute Shawn, and thoughtful. I love stuff like this...takes time and thought but not too much money.

Thanks, Jmarr.  :)

Jmarr said:

So cute Shawn, and thoughtful. I love stuff like this...takes time and thought but not too much money.

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