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Homework’s Emotional Toll on Students and Families

I haven't seen my kids all day, I don't want to fight with them.

They've been structured and doing classwork all day, they don't want to keep sitting down with more writing when they come home.

I know my children probably have more homework than other schools because they are in a magnet program.  That was my choice to make.  At the same time, I don't think families should be overwhelmed with homework because I want them to be in a favored school.  

I just wish it wasn't everyday.  I feel we miss out on bike rides, game nights, dinner out, walks- quality time in general, because of school work coming home.

Do you feel overwhelmed by homework loads coming home?

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Yes, the homework is overwhelming, but I think a bit of homework is good, in order to reiterate what they have learned in class, but when my son comes home with 3 hours of homework and misses his night at church because of it, I don't like that.  The socialization he gets at church is very important to us.  We too made the choice of him being in a charter school, we love the school he is going to and we would not give that up for anything, just wish on a Wednesday night there was not so much homework and that seems to be the night they assign the most!  

My kids don't get homework at their new school (Montessori), and I like that!

Some kids are very focused and disciplined, and can get homework done and move on....but not my son. He often fought doing homework from his old school, and struggled to finish it on time.

My son does have a tutor once a week, so that is kind of like homework!

Occasionally they bring home an assignment that they were unable to finish at school, but homework is not the norm in Montessori schools. I believe they do have homework starting in 7th grade at the middle school. I imagine this is to prepare them for traditional high school.

My personal stance when I was teaching was better they practice their skills in the classroom where I was right there to help.  Homework was usually anything they couldn't finish up before class was over for the most part.  Writing assignments went home in part, along with some reading assignments, but we only had a classroom set of textbooks so those had to be checked out on an individual basis.  My class was pretty labor-intensive during school hours, so it worked out well.  That may not be the case for every course or teaching situation, however.

My daughter has one teacher who regularly assigns homework and others who assign it here and there. I don't have a problem with here and there but I don't think it is needed as a regular thing. I also also have a problem with the majority of the projects assigned. (She is in high school) The same teacher has assigned several projects this year and none really served a purpose other than to give them projects to do. She did have a project in another class that was an excellent assignment, helpful for the class and for life. My daughter does much better on classwork but even half of that is busy work. I like the way MandyJay taught. Most work in class and homework only when absolutely necessary. Don't even get me started about the fact the kids cannot take a textbook home.

We were always the "no homework" parents in our kids' elementary school (an urban public school). I didn't mind homework that had actual content; what I objected to was busywork disguised as homework. And my kids could tell the difference - lots of arguments that started with, "This is stupid". Once they got into middle and high school, I still felt like they had too much homework, but at least it had some relevant content. The problem then was that the school day had to be devoted to so many other things that sometimes homework was the vehicle for teaching new material, not reinforcing what had been taught that day. So no wonder home kids are in need of tutors or homework help. But then why should I send a kid to school, if I can either homeschool him or hire a tutor? For socializing? Guess this can be easily done with neighborhood friends.

Also,check this NYTimes piece "Never Mind the Students; Homework Divides Parents". I think you will find it interesting.

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