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Recently a mom shared with me her thoughts on a particular teacher dressing too sexy for school which lead to the broad scope of how vastly different teachers can, and do, dress.

In no way is this meant to slam teachers, in all honesty, I appreciate the fact they show up and are willing to handle what can be an unruly group of children and/or teens, period.  And this could be a topic some teachers could want to dive into, too.   It could be that some may look around at the their co-workers shaking their heads.

In my experience, I would say 80 to 90 % of how I've perceived teacher dress has been right on the mark.  The other percentages have been too casual of dress (I don't want to see a teacher in a tank-top with bra straps showing), maybe sometimes not neat enough (okay, we all have off days but not everyday) and, yes, too sexy.

But I couldn't help but wonder, is there a dress code for teachers (because there certainly is for the students)?

I just checked the Polk County School Board Employee Handbook that can be found online in PDF form.  On page 34 this passage can be found:

Our district has a strong emphasis on uniforms and dress codes for our students. All employees can help by modeling good choices through appropriate and professional attire. Neatness and cleanliness are also important. Teachers are role models for students. Each teacher shall maintain a neat, professional appearance appropriate for his/her specific teaching assignment. Uniform shirts will be provided and shall be worn by maintenance employees.

Do you think the above it too interpretative?   Should there be more of a direct definition in teacher dress-codes?

I suppose we could define professional in different ways.   I've seen some teachers dress ultra cute in what looks like a day out to a picnic but they would never get away with walking through the doors of a bank as an employee.

On a field trip last year I was lucky enough to chat with one teacher that said they hoped teachers would have to go to uniforms like the children, that it would make her mornings easier on what to wear and for field trips and being at the school one could easily determine who was a teacher/school employee, versus a volunteer or parent.

Very curious as to your thoughts, please add.   :)


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My son is in High School and yes there should be a dress code for teacher's!!!

I've worked in professional work places and in a middle school for about two years as a SRO.  This is a pet peeve of mine in general. (I hate that some in my office think that speghetti straps with bra straps showing or tank tops is professional)  I agree 80-90% do a great job.  Others not so much.  How can that teacher not realize her skirt is so short, everyone can see up it when she sits down, or that those dockers have been wrinkled so much a pug would be jealous. 

So I think a more definitive dress code would be nice, or as you stated a certain uniform.  If the children have to wear khaki, black or navy pants with a certain color polo - maybe that should apply to the teachers - only with the teachers having logo polo's for that school.  Definitely would make identifing teachers easier. 

When I taught up in Clay County our principal was a stickler for professional attire. Slacks or skirt with a blouse. Male teachers wore ties. Friday was the only day we could wear jeans and it had to be with a school polo, no school tshirts unless permission was given for one of our sports shirts. While I haven't seen any teachers here dressing sexy, I've been suprised at how casual the dress is.

Last year in elementary school, there was a teacher that did dress a bit to much.  Although it was NOT all the time, some outfits were a bit to much.  Yes you may have curves in the right places, but these kids look up to adults and often want to be like them.  Bad enough I see some parents dressed like this so most kids and parents may not think twice about it. 

No in Middle School I haven't seen that.  At least not the Middle School Jesse is at.  They do wear both regular clothes and uniforms as well. 

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