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A mommy blogger asks, How Spontaneous Are You With Your Kids? (click for her story) and I'd like to know your answer too.  Do you think you're spontaneous?  Are you kids good with on-the-fly plans?

Back to the link, this lady has me beat.  I've been known and told I'm fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants and with my kind of personality kids don't really have a choice but to be strung along.   I have two that love it and one, well, not so much.   Considering I do have a structured one in the bunch, I fight my so on the go nature, because, well, I'm considerate, too.

Overall, as a parent, I 100% feel children thrive in structure, but I also think a little unplanned go-power every now and again is like sunshine to a flower.

How are happenings handled in your home, are they on the calendar for weeks?  Or do you look up what's available that day and dive in? 

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what an awesome blog.  I am a definite planner; I don't do much spontaneously - sometimes I wish I did/could but I don't.  We plan adult time around visitation schedules, days off and family time when all the kids are going to be together all the while not trying to infringe on his alone time with them... so yea, no spontaneity here.  I think if money wasn't a factor, I'd be all about it though (every once in a while). :)

I'm spontaneous simply because it's easier and less stressful than planning. :)

I am w/ Heather (Mamaboo).  I plan, but only to a certain degree.  But, then there are times when I wake up in the morning and say, Hey!, let's go here or do this.  But, money is an issue.  If it weren't so tight then YES!!, I'd be WAY more spontaneous.  Esp, being a (fairly new) single mom w/o a job and no means of income.

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