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How to Email companies for coupons on their products

I had found this in one of many Food and Frugal Groups.  I just got done emailing Betty Crocker a few weeks ago because a box of potatoes I got, the powder pouch was opened in the box and they were useless.  They sent me an apology letter and coupons to use.  I got one for a free box or pouch of potates, $1.00 off and Betty Crocker product and 2 coupons for .55 cents off any Betty Crocker products.  Also if you are on Facebook, sometimes if you type in products that you like and they are on there, all you need to do is hit the Like button and sometimes they offer free products or coupons. Got plenty of things that way :o)


How to Email for Grocery Coupons Get More Coupons for Products That You Want

Source : Donna L Montaldo, Your About.com Guide to Coupons And Bargains

Are you looking for coupons for your favorite products or find that many
times the weekly newspaper does not have coupons for the products that
you buy? If so, you may want to set up a system for emailing food
companies to request coupons.

Where to Begin

The task of emailing companies for coupons can seem huge, but if you
break it down to weekly goals of how many emails to send, the task
becomes very doable.

Many people first starting out will begin with two to three emails a
week and increase it as they become more familiar with the process.

Tips for Email Success:

1. Begin keeping a list of food products you buy regularly.

Example: Aunt Jemima Buttermilk Pancakes

2. Compose a brief note to email to the company. It is important to
be polite and clearly state the following information:

* If you have or have not tried the product.
* How often you purchase the product.
* The name of the store where you shop.
* How you use the product. This is a good time to compliment it.
* Your full name and mailing address.
* Your email address.

Our family always enjoys a big Saturday morning breakfast together
and the menu often includes a big batch of Aunt Jemima Buttermilk
Pancakes. The pancakes are quick, delicious and always come out
perfectly. I would enjoy receiving product information including recipe
ideas, new products coming out and coupons which may be available in the
future. Please add me to your company mailing list.

Thank you.

Your Full Name
Street Address
City, Town Zip code
Email address

Example of What Not to Write:

* Send me coupons or I'll switch to the store brands.

* Add me to your coupon list.

* I'll try your product if you mail me a coupon.

3. Locate the product's website using Google or your favorite search

4. Visit the website and locate the "Contact Us" (or similar wording)

5. Copy and paste your prepared note into the email and hit send.

6. Keep a list of the companies you contacted to avoid duplicating
the process.

That's it!

What Next?

You may or may not receive a response. The food companies receive a lot
of consumer emails and most of the larger companies include response
disclaimers. The important thing is not to get discouraged. If you email
out enough requests, you will begin to find coupons in your mailbox and
enjoy more savings on many of your favorite grocery products.

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A lot of sites have a link where you can sign up for newsletters from the company and/or special offers. I've done that with many of the products I use a lot, and have gotten some coupons that way.

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