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I sure wish I would have seen the video,How to Save an Over-salted Dish a few days ago.  I haven't made a pot roast with potatoes, onions, celery and carrots in awhile, something my family eagerly anticipated while the smells wafted through the house from my slow cooking efforts.


Oh, we were disappointed.  I didn't realize I was a little too heavy on the salt.  I wonder if the trick suggested at the link really works?   Have you ever tried this?  




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My Grandma has always sworn by putting a potato in the pot if it's oversalted.  I've done it a couple times and it DOES work.  I think it probably depends on how much salt you're trying to get out.  She's always told me that there are two foods you'll never get salty enough if you don't do it when they're raw....potatoes and white rice.  She swears by salting the potato and rice water and I've always done it, too.  I guess because they absorb a lot more salt than other foods or something?  I'm not sure WHY or HOW, but it's true if you ask me.

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