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Hi everyone!  My son is 25.  Finally getting back on his feet - found a great full-time job in November.  His girlfriend also started a full-time job in December.  He moved out just at the end of December when they got an apartment together.  She hasn't been feeling well and missed quite a few days, so she either had to quit or was going to be fired.  Come to find out - she is 7 weeks pregnant with twins!  So needless to say, they will be having a rough start.  Does anyone have any pointers for them?  Are there car seats available for people with low-income?  Should she apply for WIC now or does she have to wait until the babies come?  So many questions - I am worried for them but also excited about the babies which are due in September.

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She can get wic now for herself. I had twins at 36 and it was tough so I know what you mean. Start buying now. Congratulations!

Congratulations!  Feel free to keep adding your joys and concerns here, that's what we are here for.  :)

Here is a link for Wic Eligibility in Florida.  And yes, a person can start the program while pregnant.  Indeed, it is designed for just that, to be used by qualifying women who are expecting.  From the link:

WIC is a nutrition program for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or who have recently been pregnant, infants & children under age 5.

DeEtte gave good advice, if due in September, your family has some time to gather the appropriate goods.  There are many posts on facebook and craigslist that offer free or reduced prices on baby clothes and items. 

Good luck to your family and keep the updates coming.  Congrats again.  :) 


I've seen car seat programs - let me think on it a bit to remember what/where. There's a booklet at work that lists community programs in general. I'll try to remember to grab one tomorrow to see if there's anything listed in there that can help.

Thank you all for your help!  I knew I could count on everyone here at Polk Moms :)  It is exciting and a bit scary for me, let alone Joe & Sam (short for Samantha).  I wish I was in a better position to help them, but as you say, we have time to gather & store things for the babies' arrival.  I will keep updates coming!


My wife just took a test tonight, and I just found out I'm NOT going to be a dad (for the third time).

No need to get out the baby-naming lists.

She can continue on with her Disney career/cult unabated.

I just had twins so my advice is to start stockpiling diapers or plan on cloth diapering.  I was NOT prepared for the amount of diapers I am going through ( a package every two days).  I have never used cloth diapers but am seriously considering it with the twins just to save money. 

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