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I am in need of a great nanny/ babysitter a couple days a week. I prefer them to come to my house. I just wanted to know if there was anyone who knew of a great babysitter/ nanny who might be in need of a great family to help out!  Must have great references, CPR certified preferred, and previous experience.  Please let me know or send me an email if you have someone great in mind.  I greatly appreciate it! kvb05@aol.com


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Thank you so much!

Suzanna said:
I have a friend who had alot of success with care.com and finding a sitter. They all list the info you are looking for---references, CPR, previous experience, availability, etc.

I don't know if you live near a school/college or not, but I had alot of luck with Fl Southern Career Services. I placed an ad listing my requirements, and got 10-15 responses really quickly. I did have to do the background work, but it's another option.

Good luck!

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