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In Weather News - Get Your Updates Here and Know How to Dress the Kids

Weather can definitely mold a mother's day; for what we need to dress our children in to readying ourselves.  I wanted to start a discussion on weather: what it's like locally, when it makes headlines, statistics, and our chatty opinions.


We have a better weather discussion, last summer we had a seasonal hurricane discussion, and we have a freezing temps discussion.  Feel free to use those, too, but if you want to generalize weather, if you find something weather related conversational, this can be one more option to consider on where to do that.


Something that caught my eye was the church billboard in this photo.  The snow and ice sections of our country has experienced are just unprecedented in my memory.

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LOL!!! That sign is GREAT! :)
Tomorrow's Low is projected to be 36 degrees.  Pout, pout!  The wind is really kicking up, trash (from who knows where) is blowing into my yard.  You can tell a front is on its way.

As Eastern Snow Melts, It’s Leaving an Ugly Mess


Garbage walls, dog poop shellacked streets, rodent filled abandoned couches to dead bodies found in melting snow.   What a guilt trip this makes me have for complaining about the cold we've had.  Wow, disturbing stuff and more to make me feel grateful to being a Floridian! 

What a wet day we are having! It was a bit hairy driving from Bartow to 540a on HWY 98 this morning.  I hope you all arrive at your destinations safe, sound and dry.
I just checked the latest satellite updates from Bay News 9.  It looks like the rain is here to stay for a good while.

Animated satellite images of the wall of storms forecast was just updated.  Oh, it looks ugly. 

Be careful everyone!


Polk, Neighboring Counties Under Tornado Watch



I've been trying to figure out if that fast nasty storm was it or if there's more coming, thanks for the link! It was nasty but not for long and the sun seems to be peeking back through here...
Alicia, how is it going, did the rain come back?  Earlier it was almost as black as night and the wind was whipping sideways fierce, but no rain.  The sun even came out for a bit.  Now, and I mean, just now, the rain just  started beating down.  I hope it slacks off so I can sleep, it is so loud hitting our metal roof.

No way!  A picture of a tornado was snapped in our county this morning!  Wow!  Ya know?  I perk to attention when I hear tornado warnings and watches but I don't usually put a vast amount of weight in them influencing me.  I guess this was my lesson for the day.


Look at the picture and get updates here. 


Tornado Sightings in Kathleen, Gibsonia; No Damage Reported


How would you like to be that person looking at a funnel cloud through the windshield of your car?  Not me!  Eekkk!

I don't think it's forecast to have weather remotely as wild as what we experienced last week but severe weather is heading our way.  Heads up and stay safe.


Line of Thunderstorms Crossing Bay Area,

Forecasters Call for 16 Named Storms and 9 Hurricanes


I find it interesting these formulas are put together to get an estimate of what to expect.  We shall see.

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