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In Weather News - Get Your Updates Here and Know How to Dress the Kids

Weather can definitely mold a mother's day; for what we need to dress our children in to readying ourselves.  I wanted to start a discussion on weather: what it's like locally, when it makes headlines, statistics, and our chatty opinions.


We have a better weather discussion, last summer we had a seasonal hurricane discussion, and we have a freezing temps discussion.  Feel free to use those, too, but if you want to generalize weather, if you find something weather related conversational, this can be one more option to consider on where to do that.


Something that caught my eye was the church billboard in this photo.  The snow and ice sections of our country has experienced are just unprecedented in my memory.

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I know it's hard to tell considering the beautiful day we are having, but changes in the weather are soon to be here.

Polk Could Get Some Rain Tonight, Friday

In fact, it's been so wonderful that I've sent Ryan to school in shorts and Lillian with skirts with no worries for being cold the past two days.  

I welcome all weather that includes 70's as a high..... =)

It's Cold and Likely to Get Colder This Weekend  Whoa, you can say that again.  I had no idea it was going to get this cold.  I didn't take any keeping plants warm precautions and I hope I won't regret it.   In the meant time, I need to figure out what I need to do to stay warm.   brrrr.

Polk Sees Lows in 30s Overnight

I mentioned in our Florida Winter thread how my plants were sprouting new green beautifully to my delight.   I couldn't have been happier with how my screen of bouganvilla was actually included.   In years past, I've had to cut it back to the ground for it to resprout from the roots.  I did have to do some trimming to get some superficial dead off some of the tender ends but it looked great after my trim job.  Deep inhale, exhale.  It was all for naught.  It looks terrible.  Again.   I sure hope it will sprout green from the legging stems and not have to be cut to the ground yet again.

This cold front really did catch me off guard and I'm glad to see it go.  But it won't hurt my feelings if you don't agree with me.   I saw on social sites and heard conversationally people enjoying the cold.  Did you like this chilly snap? 

I definitely broke back out the long pants and jackets this morning.  Funny, this after a hotel stay in Tampa this past weekend that included fun pool time.   In the pool Saturday and chilly, where's my jacket!?, by Monday.  I guess that's pretty typical Florida weather.  :)

The hotel we stayed in was actually on the bay near the airport.  The wind and rain that whipped through between Saturday and Sunday was amazingly powerful.  I felt like I was riding out a tropical storm.  After reading several reports of damage in Tampa, I was wondering,  did it get bad over here in Polk?  Did anyone have any wind damage?

I've also read the storm that passed us by was from the same system that devastated states north of us. When I heard the news a little girl was found alive in tornado ravaged debris, I was so hopeful for her.  Unfortunately her story didn't have the happy ending so many of us hoped for.  How sad!

Toddler Found in Indiana Field After Tornadoes Dies From Injuries

I am absolutely sure when I looked up the 5 day forecast yesterday I saw a low for last night in the lower 50's. I really don't think I dreamed it! I woke up FREEZING this morning - it was 64 IN my house and in the lower 30's outside!!!! :O. Sat I was warm in a tank and shorts!!

I had a couple branches down from the storm but not much. I was awake for most of it and it seemed to move through pretty quickly.

I'd been following that little girl's story too and praying for her recovery. My hear breaks to hear she didn't make it.

Alicia, I agree!  I remember hearing the highs for today being lower and wish now I would have paid more attention to the forecast lows.  But, still, I didn't expect the temps to get as low as it did (especially after a fore mentioned pool frolicking on Saturday).  I woke up to my pre-set home heat running and my car temp reading 43 degrees when dropping off Ryan at school.  

Summer Heat Is Here, Rain Isn't

The above says, "Yes, it's hot.  Yes, it's dry"  It also crunches the numbers on water levels, record temps and rain level comparisons locally.  I don't mind the warm but I certainly would like to see some rain.

I went to Sun n Fun last Thursday on a field trip with Ryan.  While there, I saw many sun-burned parents walking about. 

It's definitely chillier this morning!  I sent my kiddos off to school with some light jackets.  That weather was something this weekend!  I went for a walk this morning and there was limbs and small debris scattered across many yards.  I did see some good size limbs down, too.  Did everyone fair okay?

I know my grass and landscape looks the happiest thanks to rainfall we saw this weekend since 2012's beginning.  

We didn't get as much rain as I expected to but I'll take every drop! No downed branches or anything here.

I was FREEZING this morning LOL!

Stomping foot, stomping foot!   I'm one mad momma right now.   I know rain is a good thing but not on the weekend I booked for us to go to Sanibel for almost a week.  My plan was to leave Friday but considering there is talk of a named storm forming and heading our way, I may have to reschedule.  I just hope if that's the case, the hotel will be accommodating on date changes. :(

Do any of you see plans dampened by this coming rain, too?

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