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In Weather News - Get Your Updates Here and Know How to Dress the Kids

Weather can definitely mold a mother's day; for what we need to dress our children in to readying ourselves.  I wanted to start a discussion on weather: what it's like locally, when it makes headlines, statistics, and our chatty opinions.


We have a better weather discussion, last summer we had a seasonal hurricane discussion, and we have a freezing temps discussion.  Feel free to use those, too, but if you want to generalize weather, if you find something weather related conversational, this can be one more option to consider on where to do that.


Something that caught my eye was the church billboard in this photo.  The snow and ice sections of our country has experienced are just unprecedented in my memory.

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Tropical Depression # 9 could become Tropical Storm, then Hurricane...

We've been decently lucky here in Polk to dodge major storms since 2004's whopper of a year.    I wonder if '#9' has eyes on us?   I'll be keeping my eye on it for us.  Click above if you want a recent update yourself.

We are keeping an eye on Issac in a thread dedicated to that named storm- Watching Issac's Path but I wanted to add what looks to be good news here, thus far, about the storm recently named Joyce.

As of now, the storm is forecast to stay off U.S. shores.  Here is a projected path map of Joyce.

Lower humidity, lower temps and hardly a chance of rain through the weekend.  I know most of you are loving this!

LATEST FORECAST: Absolutely gorgeous!

I'm super excited about this!!!! Now if it could just drop another 15 degrees lol.

Woohoo, that means I won't I won't be sweating bullets at soccer this weekend.  Too bad I can't have today off just to enjoy working in the yard.  I also agree with christen long - I could use the temp just a little cooler - low 50's at night and mid 70's during the day and I would be one happy camper.

Shawn Arnold said:

Lower humidity, lower temps and hardly a chance of rain through the weekend.  I know most of you are loving this!

LATEST FORECAST: Absolutely gorgeous!

I'm so incredibly grateful it's drying out!! I got my van stuck in our mud twice in 5 days - the 2nd time it was DEEP! We just finally pulled it out Wed night after letting it stay where it was since Sunday. We're not dried up yet, but at least it's not ankle deep walking to the cars anymore.

I'm already donning a sweatshirt when doing am bus runs - I'd be happy if the temps stayed right where they're at, I'll be freezing before long!

It almost smelled like fall this morning!  So nice.

You might want to send the kiddos to school with jackets in the morning, we are projected to wake up to temperatures in the 40's.


HIGH: 70°F 

We've spent the last 5 days in San Franscisco and I whined and moaned most of the time about how cold it was and about how I couldn't wait to get back to sunny FL...we got home 30 minutes ago and WHAT IS THIS?! Where'd my warm temperatures go?! I had to put on the heat and my footie pajamas! Egads!

Considering we are running at least 10 degrees below our local average, I thought I should report to you parents out there not to pack up the long pants and jackets for our kiddos just yet.  Warmer temps will slowly perk up for the weekend, until then, stay warm.  

A large cold front is moving into our area bringing much lower temps. Dress yourselves and the kiddos warm Friday.

Cold Front Moving Across Central Florida; Weather Curtails TIA Flights

Wow, what funky weather we're having.  It was pretty cold, then it warms up, and now, it's set to get cold again.   The front coming in is set to possibly have some airport complications.  I have a great friend with children due in from Texas today from visiting their father for Christmas.  I'm off to give her a call now to see if their flight was delayed.  Stay dry and warm, Polk families.  

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