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Is it Cheaper to Raise Boys or Girls?

Do you think you will find a definitive answer?  

I can't help but lean more to girls being more costly, but the boy argument at the link does make valid points.

Which do you feel is more costly in your opinion?  Have you had the ability to compare while having both a boy and a girl?

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Definately cheaper to raise a boy.  Boys are happy with a pair of jeans or two and a dozen or so T-S****.  Boy's don't care about shopping at Brothers where as girls could buy out Justice. LOL

I have three boys and three girls and they each cost roughly the same IF I were to buy the basics.  However, as the article points out, it is partially the parental choices. 

For example, each child could get t-shirts and shorts, sandals, and tennis shoes for summer.  In the article, the author points out matching cardigans, headbands, etc. for the girls.  Those are NOT necessary but it is a parental choice.

I too fall into the marketing trap at times.  My twin girls have enough clothes, headbands, etc to dress an entire army of girls and they are only 6 months old so I can't blame it on their choices. :)

One other aspect that would make boys more expensive is insurance---their car insurance is outrageous (I once worked at an insurance agency while in college and as shocked at the differences in price)

The car insurance angle is a terrific point.  Thanks for adding that.  :)

Yeah, between feeding my two boys and staring that car insurance issue dead in the headlights with the elder, as it were... *shudder*

That said, any nail polish found in our home is mine.

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