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I know my soon to be 2nd grader wont fit his polos and some of his shorts. I'm looking to clear out sooner rather than later.

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No way is it too early.  In fact, it could be perfect timing for some of us.   I was just thinking that I want to pack up their school clothes because I don't want to finger through them all summer while looking for something for them to wear.

And why pack something up that's too small?   What school do you have or are you looking for?

I'm looking for some bigger Bartow Elementary Academy polo-type shirts and I have some small polos I'm willing to part with. 

I'm glad you posted this. I have a pile of uniforms to sell, but debated it if it was too early. :-) I'll go ahead & throw mine out there what I have for sale:

khaki shorts & skirts - new with tags (can't remember brand, it's either Izod or Dockers) - my daughter changed schools & can only wear navy now :-( I bought them bigger last year & can't return them now.

Spessard Holland Elem. tee shirts, long sleeved tee's & sweatshirts. The long sleeved tee's & sweatshirts were only worn one year & look brand new.

I also have plain white & blue polo's (no patch or school name).

I have navy, white, burgundy boy's polos size 6/7 (S) for Loughman Oaks. I'll have to check his shorts, but I have size 6/7 in those (elastic waist...he has grip issues)

Looking for 2-4 shirts size 8 (M) in same colors.

At LGMS they were taking the outgrown shorts, pants and tees the last couple days.  If you have  6th or 7th grader you got a ticket to get money off the following years shirts.  Not sure if that went towards gently used or new (they weren't to clear on it either).  Went our son went to Wendell Watson we got his shirts at the consignment shop at Sandpiper Plaza.  I happened to hit it on good days that they had sales as well.

At LGMS 6th graders are grey shirts, 7th graders are yellow and 8th are blue.  I am still going to check out the consignment stores because you can get great deals.  Will look into khaki shorts as well.  I bought 2 pairs of pants last season and he only wore them 2 or 3 days.  Not going that route again.  I may check out the Goodwill as well as consignment stores for shorts.  Especially since they don't make elastic waist pull up shorts for older kids.  He's already upset his denim shorts today had button and zipper.  Oh well...LOL

I have boys navy bottoms size 5 and navy pants size 5. I also have boys BEA burgundy and hunter green shirts with patch size small.
I have girls Gap, Children's Place navy pants and girls size 6x /7 Old Navy, Navy colored shorts. I have girls burgundy and hunter green shirts with BEA patch size L. Anyone interested?

I could use boys navy shorts size6 and boys size medium hunter green, white and burgundy polos. BEA logos preferred if not that is OK.
I could also use girls navy size 8 bottoms and white, hunter green, burgundy polos. BEA logo preferred but if not that is OK.

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