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I recorded the news from the other night when they were going to cover Virtual School in Florida. I finally watched it today and was wondering if anyone has their kids enrolled in it or know of a kid in and and what they think of it. Our son has one year left in elementary school and it was suggested home schooling as one of our options rather than going to middle school. I kind of liked what I seen and read about the virtual school. I am going to sit down with my hubby and see what he thinks. This seems to be better than regular home schooling which is just my opinion. With the virtual school you can interact with the teachers by chatrooms, email, text, or over the phone. Our son is ESE so I had emailed them about this. He is doing good in school and is just below grade level with math and reading. He is in normal class and gets pulled out by the ESE teacher for extra help in those 2 subjects. It's just a worry to if he'll make it to each class without being distracted. Plus he wouldn't know when someone is picking on him. The kids now in school pretty much know him and are okay with the way he is at times, but there will be kids from other schools in the 6th grade as well as the older 7th and 8th grade kids that don't know and understand him. I know looking back from when I was younger we did treat the kids that were different from us not so good. I wish I could go back and change that, but I can not so I can only make sure that he does not do that to other kids that are different. I don't want to exclude him from any social events, but I've seen how some kids are and things just haven't changed. Anyway, any information on Virtual Schooling would be great.


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I am in the same boat with my 5th grad girl. She is in full ESE and I cannot see her transitioning to middle school at all. I am going to be checking into all options. I do believe that in Virtual school they can be a part of extra curicular activities at there home school.
I know with regular home schooling you are connected to the school a lot more. With that you have to turn in the work, any other forms, and they can go on field trips. I did not get that with Florida Virtual School. It did not say that you are having to be connected with the school in any form. Waiting to hear back from the email I sent. If I don't hear back from them i will call later this week.

I have a cousin that is an administrator at a virtual school, but he's in Tennesseee.  I know that he raves about it and feels it's a wonderful alternative to children.  I myself went to school online (college) and liked it very much.  You must be very disciplined with your time management and there will have to be alot of parental involvment for this to be successful.  I think that my main concern would also be to make sure my child socializes with his peers, however, that being said, as long as you keep your kids in extracurricular activities such as swimming, baseball, scouts, church, etc, then your child should be perfectly fine! Right now my kids are doing well in school but I do think if my oldest, who is now 12 decided to do virtual for highschool, I would seriously consider it.  Read online, google it, there is alot of new information/articles on this.

Good luck to you!

Wow...when reading this I thought did I write this? I am in the same boat with my 5th grader. He is on an IEP and is labeled OHI. He suffers in reading and math as well. My only question would be how does virtual school subjects like reading and math work with kids like ours who have modifications done with their work daily? My son does not read/comprehend on 5th grade level. How does this work with online classes? They like the kids to do the virtual schooling independently but if there are not prior modifications in place for these subjects then how does my son work independently on the work online without needing 1 on 1 help from me 24/7?  I agree I just want him to get through the middle school years and then he can be with me in high school where I teach.

one worried mom!

Chey does more reading on the computer then she does with books. She is a visual learner so I think with the 1 on 1 she would get with me being here it would help. It's just an option I am looking at. She has Aspergers and does not do well in a regular class due to sensory issues. She is A/B honor roll in a self contained class and on grade level. I just don't think she is going to be able to handle the middle school BS that is tough enough for kids without problems.

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