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I've been searching all over for a true 'Kids Program', hopefully incorporating body fat loss/body percentage decrease,nutrition, etc. and CAN NOT FIND ANYTHING!!! Has anyone found anything worthwhile??

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The Auburndale Gym has just started  a kids program on mondays and wednesdqay at 5:30. They do exercise and teach about nutrition they can be found on facebook, give them a cll the owners name is Ed Hardee. My whole family works out there and we love it.

My son did a "sports training" type thing at Velocity fitness over near the airport in Lakeland. We tried it for a while instead of OT. It really helped him a lot. It's king of like Crossfit for kids.

It was basically a training facility for athletes (speed and strength training) but they would work with kids certain days of the week. I heard they changed it around and it's more like a regular gym now, but they may still have a kids fitness program.

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