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We will be having a birthday party for our boss at my house in a couple of months. I want it to be a time where the adults can have fun and relax. It's for this reason that I'm going to hand write on the invitations that it's for grown-ups only. While 90 percent of my co-workers agree, there are still a few that rolled their eyes. Is it acceptable to ask people not to bring kids or is there something wrong with doing so?

It's a reasonable request but don't get upset if some people bring their kids. I've only had one party where everyone kept their kids at home after asking them not to bring them. For whatever reason, some individuals see this as an unacceptable item on the party-giver's agenda. Be ready for it. - T.O. in San Diego, CA


In this situation, everyone will most definitely try to come because it's for the boss. Although it's not too terribly wrong to ask that there be no kids, there may be some people who just cannot find a babysitter or perhaps the sitter backs out at the last minute but the individual still wants to come. The other thing to consider is that there may have been more coworkers who wanted to roll their eyes, but felt intimidated to do so as they may be assuming that you and the boss are close since you're hosting his or her birthday party. The last thing that they want is for their name to come up as one of the people who showed opposition to the request. You didn't mention if it was a surprise birthday party; if not, ask your boss' opinion on it. Either way, if I were you, I would be prepared for a few people needing to bring their kids. If you are dead-set on trying to make it a kid-free evening, you could possibly hire a couple of teens to entertain and monitor the kids that arrive with their parents. Set up some movies, games, snacks and drinks away from the area where the adult party is taking place. Ideally, you could ask some of your coworkers if they have a teenager with sitter experience and use a couple of them. While it may not be the carefree, adult environment you were hoping for, the outcome will be that your relationship with people you work with and spend a large amount of time with will probably be much better. In fact, you may even earn an aura of respect from your coworkers because of your thoughtfulness.


My sister-in-law is having her first baby. It took a while for her to get pregnant. She and my brother have a healthy income and can buy whatever they want for the baby. I'm giving her a baby shower and would like to get a gift that they would appreciate. Could you possibly suggest some gift ideas that might be different from the norm? Also, is it rude for me to serve cocktails even though she cannot drink?

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