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Hi!  I've just moved here a week ago and I'm still getting a feel for Lakeland.  I had never been here previously.  Does anyone know anywhere other than IHOP that does the kids eat free?  IHOP is everyday but some places do it only on certain days. 



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Welcome to Lakeland. Here are a few that I know of:

Rib Crib (on S. Florida) has Kids Nite on Mondays (kids eat for 5 cents for each inch of their height)
Bob Evans (on S. Florida) has Wednesday Kids Nite with balloons and magic (they had this about 2 months ago---last time we went)
Beef O'Brady's (in Lake Miriam shopping center) used to have Kids Nite on Tuesday ( not sure if they still do)

I'm sure some of the other ladies will be glad to post more. With my four kiddos and a husband that works out of town, we don't have the time on most weekdays to go out for kids nites so I don't know about all the good deals out there
Here are a few more that I know of:

Abuelo's - Lakeside Village - Kids eat Free on Thursdays
Fish City Grill - Lakeside Village - Kids eat Free on Tuesdays
Lakeland Ale House - Kids eat Free on Tuesdays (last time I went they had a magician there also)

I hope this helps. Welcome to Lakeland
Thank you! That def helps! We don't go out much, but when we do if we can get my oldest to eat free it helps :)
On Monday's, BD's Mongolian Grill at Lakeside Village lets two kids eat free with one paying adult!!!!
Cedar creek seafood on Edgewood Drive.
Here is a recent round up from The Ledger's last dining guide that lists many local Kids Eat Free places.

Fallsmama, that exact page was on my mind. Thank you for going hunting for that. :D

Chrisitina, welcome to Polk County and to Polk Moms! :)
thank you everyone! :)

Check with CiCi's pizza. If not, they sometimes have coupons. Even without the kids eating free...it is so cheap and so good!

This topic is on my agenda for this evening's dinner.  I am so picking a kids eat free venue tonight!  Hmmm, where to go?
Abuelos has KEF on Thurs.

Shawn Arnold said:
This topic is on my agenda for this evening's dinner.  I am so picking a kids eat free venue tonight!  Hmmm, where to go?
Funny you should say that, that's what I'm leaning towards.  It depends on how long it will take Ryan to finish his homework.  If it takes awhile, then we'll hit up Fred's Market (they also have kids eat free tonight) in town (Bartow)-because it's closer to home.  I'm really wanting Abuelos, though!   : )

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