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The kids have a cousin we will be seeing frequently during the holidays. This kid has to be the center of attention at every family gathering. Plus, he thinks he is never wrong and knows everything. How's the best way to tolerate Mr. Know It All without upsetting family members?

My brother's son was like this. He had to be the center of attention at all times. His dad travels frequently and I'm guessing that my nephew was having a hard time adjusting to the absence of his dad, especially when he stayed away for four to six weeks. It was really challenging for my sister-in-law because she was basically raising the seven-year-old by herself along with four-year-old twins. I offered to keep him for a few hours every other week and let him talk away. He's actually a pretty neat kid once I realized he just wanted to be heard and appreciated as a contributor to our conversations. - L.C. in Forth Worth, TX
Sometimes, certain kids crave an unusual amount of attention due to not getting it at home or school, from friends, etc., and/or they feel the need to be seen and heard for other reasons, like the one mentioned above. Depending on his age, some kids are big talkers and can talk to anyone about anything even if what they are saying is wrong or makes no sense to the rest of us. For example, maybe talking and sharing ideas or asking a lot of questions is not allowed at his school or perhaps at home for whatever reason, or at least not as much as he wants and needs. Therefore, he talks a lot to whomever will listen. As far as knowing it all, in many cases, he's probably pretty close to this assumption when it comes to knowing a lot about the things he's interested in. However, if he's chiming in about things he doesn't really know about and claims to be right all the time, then he needs to be taught how to be quiet, listen and learn. It's hard to give specific advice without knowing his age, but if he doesn't get to see your family often, it could be that he's trying to impress you by catching you up on what's been going on in his life and kind of verbally demonstrate to you how much he's grown up. If you let your guard down and look at him when he's talking and really hear what he's saying, you might find that he's not that annoying. Think about possibly inviting him over periodically and getting to know him better. Yeah, I know it may sound awful to you, but if you want to enjoy your holidays a little more, it would certainly be worth a try and he'd probably enjoy it.

What's the difference between making a child sit in the corner by themselves for a time out and just sending them to their room for a time out? My sister uses the children's rooms and I do the other. She thinks it's okay for her kids to do whatever they want in their room during this period and I don't. Which one of us is actually right and why?

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