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Yesterday I witnessed an alarming incident.  I was traveling west on Lake Miriam and was turning right on Cleveland Heights.  As a waited for the light to change, there were 30 plus kids waiting to cross Cleveland Heights.  They were entirely too close to the road.  Some kids were playing and pushing.  One child stumbled into the street.  Then 3 kids darted across the road without the proper signal.  Then about half of the group followed.  People were blowing their horns.  Kids are rambunctious after school but that intersection isn't the place for it.  There is an open field across the street at the church that would be better for rough housing.  I pray this doesn't happen everyday.  I reported the incident to the police and school office.  A crossing guard or officer needs to be placed there.  A tragedy could easily happen. I couldn't imagine the pain did.

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For what school do you think these children were traveling to or from?  I'm sorry I'm not familiar with all the Lakeland schools.  How close to a school is that intersection?   And do you think it was elementary age children or high school and middle school aged?

I agree, your story sounds super disturbing. I'm glad you reported it.   I'm surprised with that many children there isn't at least one parent that chooses to walk with their own child.   I don't know if that would even help though, not every child listens to adults consistently. 

Shawn I am almost positive that the kids was traveling East from Lakeland Highlands Middle School to Cleveland Heights Blvd. which is about a quarter mile from the school and there is considerable traffic during school hours on a daily basis due to school traffic such as parents driving their kids to & from school, buses & just normal traffic durning a daily basis.  I do agree there should be a crossing guard there also up until at least 3:15 PM daily during school days.  Cleveland Hts. is a heavy traveled road on a daily basis 7 days a week and Lake Miriam Drive is almost as bad or worse from S, Florida Ave. to Lakeland Highlands Rd.

The reason I asked about the age of these students is because I had a hunch that my own children's crossing guard confirmed. 

I talked to her yesterday (we walk home from school) and she said that crossing guards in Polk County are for elementary students only.   She said that some guards will courtesy walk older children and parents if they choose to.   She said often older children and some adults will refuse the assistance.

She also explained how crossing guard stations are designated.  She said individual elementary schools have to request an attendant and the PCSO then determines if it is a valid request for the posting.

Regardless of the age of these children you witnessed, Stephanie, I'm glad you reported it.   I hope something will come of your mention. 

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