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We chatted at length about the tragic death associated with Tilikum the killer whale. 

SeaWorld Trainer Killed By Whale

This turn of events could be most impactful to us as Central Floridians when seeking a fun and entertaining day.  It's probably safe to assume those of us living in the area probably make up most repeated visits to Sea World.  So I ask you, what do you think of the return of the Orca that has taken on the nickname of a True Killer Whale? 

Should he be back in shows? Will you visit this show?






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What makes me crazy is when they make such a point to say trainers won't be in the water with him. The trainer who was killed wasn't IN the water with him. I'm sure they have new or now enforced rules about long hair but still...


The whole thing bugs me...keeping wild animals and training them to do things for our own amusement. (Says the lady with a house full of pets)

They must have stricter rules on the hair b/c when we went during spring break, all the female trainer's hair were in buns on top of their heads. 


My children are fascinated with Shamu (and the rides) so we got fun cards for the year. I can't imagine enough people would ever boycott Sea World enough to end the animal shows, so we might as well go and be entertained. 

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