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Every year I try to do a small something for the students in my children's classes as a holiday gift.   This year I knew what I wanted to do for the girls right-away (the little something for the boys is still to be determined.   Feel free to add those suggestions).

My youngest two attend Bartow Elementary Academy, a magnet school in Bartow.   There, they have a strict uniform policy.  The hairbows that young ladies wear MUST match the uniform.  The uniform colors are white, maroon, navy, and an evergreen.

Do you know how hard it is to find hair accessories in these colors?!

So, you get my hints here, right?  Uniform colors matching hairbows it is (minus the white).

I've long thought korkers were cute so I went on a how-to hunt.  And this is what I found.

Here's the link to find the video, Korker Bow Instructions.

The video calls for dowels but I realized I had these bamboo sticks in a great dimension I used as substitutes. I ordered the grossgrain colors of ribbon online after a failed attempt to find them locally.

Here I have some navy and maroon completed with a batch of dark green ready to be popped into the oven.

The longer lengths are how the ribbons look coming off the stick after baking.   The shorter are lengths I cut (3 out of each longer length).  I then used a candle (very carefully) to singe the ends of the cuts so that the ribbon doesn't unravel.  Doing the cutting and the singeing is very time consuming. 


Here is a grouping of some of the korkers (this is a bunch of 10 together).  I tied onto a pony-o hair circle band (I ordered these online with the ribbon) 3 ribbons each of the maroon, navy, and green.

I'm hoping this is something the students will enjoy and, in a way, need.   

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