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Lake Wales High to Begin International Baccalaureate Program

Lake Wales High to Begin International Baccalaureate Program

This will be the third IB program in Polk County.  I know these slots are highly coveted and few and far between, but I do wonder if there are enough students in Polk County that wish to work at this level of curriculum for their four years of high school?

What do you think?   Did Polk County need another IB program?  Do you think Lake Wales' fast track preparedness will put this IB program at the same level as the IB schools in Bartow and Haines City?

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I hope so we loved the time our daughter spent at IB in Bartow well worth all the time, she will be graduating from Stetson  next month with a degree in Spanish and looking to go on to be an IB Spanish teacher in the future.

Out of 90,000 plus students, I am sure we have 1000 high schoolers that are IB quality. My son was accepted, but due to the venue we are opting for an academy. I think Lake Wales will now get a boost in upper level students.

Actually, there are 3 middle schools in Polk county that are in the process of becoming an IB Middle Years Programs (MYP) . Union Academy in Bartow, Jewett Middle Academy in Winter Haven, and Lawton Chiles in Lakeland. Union and Jewett are candidate schools and Lawton Chiles went through their authorization visit this year and will find out this Fall if they become an authorized IB MYP school.

Sixth grade through tenth grade are MYP (for all students) and what most people know about is the IB Diploma Program--eleventh and twelfth grade (for the very high level students.

If Lake Wales is going to become an IB school, they need to have the full  MYP (6th through 10th grade) and the DP program

. There is a gap-there is not an authorized IB MYP program for 9th and 10th grade established in Polk county. The fast track preparedness is not a good idea. There is so much training involved in the IB program, it is hard to comprehend at a fastpace. Also the IB programs are updating everything in 2014.

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