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Had a question about this.  What exactly is entailed with a 15 yr old getting their Learner's Permit?  Just realized our son will be 15 yrs old in just 7 mos and he can try for this.  Not exactly sure if he's ready, but like to have the option there.

I know there's a course he has to take which he can do either online or in a classroom.  I read that at the end of each session you take a quiz and at the end of everything there's basically a final test.  They said they send a completion certificate to the DMV.  I heard there's a test at DMV after that you need to take.  Is that a written test or a driving test at the DMV?

When I was younger in NY I read the driver's manual and then took a written test to get my Learner's Permit at 15 yrs old.  Then I took Driver's Ed in school (wasn't required but it didn't hurt) and then took a road test to get my Junior License at 16 yrs old.  With that I could drive to school, work and home without a licensed driver.  Once I turned 17 yrs old I just upgraded to a regular license.  Things changed over the years so not to sure how this works.

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We have a 15 year old (he turned 15 in March) and we just don't feel he is mature enough to get behind the wheel of a car and until we do, we are holding off.  We are going to let him take the drivers ed course online, though, but to me, 15 is a little young. I was almost 17 before I got my license and it didn't hurt me!!  by that's just my opinion...

Hello. Here's a link to the Polk County School Board site with information on a course they offer through Virtual School.  Once they take the course, they have to go to the drivers license office and pass a written test to get their permit. http://www.polk-fl.net/students/middleandhigh/drivereducation.htm

I know what you mean Joyce.  I don't think he's really ready either, but just in case I like to be prepared.  LOL  I may at least get him a book at DMV to read.

Thanks Native as well.  Will look into it today :)

Giving young adults the tools they need to drive an automobile is easy, giving them the tools to survive is a different story. If you have done both correctly then there should be no worries letting go. Lets start with a seat belt Mom's and Dad's. Turn down your radio, turn off your cell phone and stop operating your vehicle like a 3000lb wrecking ball! As much as four miles per hour over the posted speed limit is acceptable only under the best of road conditions. Always maintain a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you and NEVER block anyone needing to change lanes. Use a turn signal in between the great distances you have traveled in a semi straight line and at a respectable speed. That big ole wide left turn lane, when you have a chance go, that area is called a KILL ZONE. Execute your left turns with determination and desire, treat stop signs with a similar respect. Red lights are simply an area which is dedicated to the destruction of your prized ton and a half of now twisted metal and broken bones. Try this novice idea, yellow means stop if you can do so safely. When the light changes color to green, take your foot off the brake. If everyone did that at once it certainly would make me happier.

Well, that is what your kids need to be able to drive in the State of Florida. Good luck!

I think them havig their permit as early as possible gives them the ability to learn longer. My girls got their permits and drove with them for 2 years before getting their license. That way not only to they drive longer before letting them loose but its when you see and feel they are confident and comfortable to handle things with you the better they are without you (not always but for the most part). For me personally the longer I can monitor their driving habits the better.  That way Im not throwing them on the roads alone too soon without knowing how well they will do.  Good Luck its never an easy choice.

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