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Any tips, hints or suggestions for a first time Legoland visitor?  We will be going on Saturday for the first time and want to make sure we hit all the good stuff.


Thanks All!

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Our 6 year old likes:

4 d movie
Ski show
Air ball area
Egypt shooting range
Water ski ride
Driver license and driving 
Build a race car areA w cool ramps (old game room)

We parents love the gardens and I've got a lot of great photos in front of the. Banyan treeS

I'm not sure if you want to read through all 6 pages of our Legoland Updates and Reviews thread but there's some great tips added in there. 

Check it out here. :)

Have fun!


Please see the friend request I sent you.  If interested, I'll give you my number to meet up tonight. 

thanks for the tips,  i know the shooting range will probably be his favorite.  :)


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