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It makes me smile just to type this out.  This time of year we typically start planning to get together for some strawberry or blueberry picking plans.  We've been lucky enough to get together to do both types of picks, and was wondering, do you have a preference this year? 

Would you rather me plan a strawberry pick or a blueberry pick?

I'm taking votes, let me know.  Location suggestions are welcome, too.   

I look forward to our day together!   :) 

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I'm so excited to see this. I missed the last picks, but I will not be missing this one!!! Can't wait to see the details :))

decisions decisions..  i would like to partake this year, the girls are at a fun age where I think they'll like it.  I'm indifferent to either one.  My only request is a weekend day.  I know that's part of the reason I usually miss out is because it's during the week.

A weekend it is.  In fact we did the last two on weekends (I remember because my ex was there).   And, plus, I want my school aged kiddos to be able to come.  I look forward to seeing you ladies!   It will be awesome.  :) 

oh, That is so hard to pick!!!  Last yr my daughter and I went and picked strawberries (nice lil place off of Co Rd 39, Plant City.) I haven't been blueberry picking.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  That's a hard one.  Both fruits are beautiful and delish to eat, freeze nicely.  The strawberry place we went to was easy to get to (granted it was right down the rd from my daughter's horse lessons).  There were plenty of strawberries and the price was right.  Parking wasn't an issue.  It was right off of Co Rd 39, Plant City. 

This will be my first to either with the group, so I have no preference.  I am excited to be included!  Please let me know details and dates as soon as you can so I can let the boys know. They will love it!  If I can help with anything, please email me.

I'm glad to see some responses already, thanks!   

I have to share what happened to me over the weekend.  I went to Ling's Buffet in Lakeland and, as typical, I received a fortune cookie with my bill.  Not only is a fortune and lottery numbers added, but an English to Chinese translation word.  My word was "Strawberry"  I laughed and thought about this thread and wondered if the translation was my fortune after all.

Keep voting to let me know if this 'sign' comes true.  :) 

I look forward to getting out to go this year (if not to far away).  Yes, weekend day is best, mainly Saturday.  I am partial to both.  Hubby LOVES strawberries and I can eat either.  If I did have to pick 1 then I would say Strawberries.

Speaking of picking, is there anywhere in Polk County that you can go pick your own veggies for a discount as well?  Would be fun to do with Jesse and hubby (if he's not hurting to much).

I am in! Let me know when and where! I would like to finally meet you ladies. 

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