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The chat window is always down there but rarely utilized. Some of us lament that we miss the old chat nights. So how about it, let's bring back chat night. Get the house settled, grab a dink and log on and chat in real time. Of course the hardest thing is always finding a good night - we can't get a night that everyone could be here I know, but lets try and figure out a day and time and give it a go. At least the chat box won't kick us off at midnight like it used to :)

Are Wednesdays still a church night for most or might that work? Smack in the middle of the week might be nice to take a break. What do you think, does that work or is another night better? For the life of me I can't remember the old time frame we used to do. I remember rushing to get the kids in bed lol cause it was MY night.

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I forgot to bump this earlier today. It's Wednesday!!!!!!!
I forgot aka crashed on the couch - sorry I missed out
has this fallen by the wayside? i am there now, even though 8 people are signed on nobody is chatting. . . i will be there for a few but need to go to bed SOON
I think it has. My Internet for the desktop has been terrible and I can't use chat on iPad so I haven't been on...I'd heard no one else been either in a while. :( I'd love to chat with you and hear all the baby is coming soon news! :D with the rain I'm sure my desktop is offline though...
I just remembered and I am on, but no one else is. Maybe I will remember next week.

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