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Seen the signs when I took our son to school and they are having Spirit Night tonight at Beef O Brady's on the northside.  Wish they would send a letter home or something like last week so it could have been planned for.  Kind of hard to do this last minute.  So if anyone is heading over there to eat or you know someone that is going there, have them mention Lake Gibson Middle School.  Figured I could put this out there and help out in some way.

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Thanks for sharing this. I know they sent notices home with the students on Tuesday to let everyone now of the upcoming Spirit Night.

My son never came home with anything. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Not the first time he didn't put something in his backpack to bring home. Got enough issues getting him to  turn in assignments. Always emailing the teachers to have them get it from him or ask him for it. All these years and still has issues.

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