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I know there have been threads about lice before, but I thought I would start a new one. My daughter has lice. I am so freaked out!!! I can't figure out where she got it from. We stayed at a pretty fancy hotel about 10 days ago. I looked at Trip Advisor before we went, and some people felt the hotel was dirty. I did notice a musty smell in the room. It was not cheap either! Self parking was $16 per day (we opted for vallet for a few dollars more). My daughter slept in a roll-away bed (they charged us $25 for it!!) and I suspect it may have been the cause of the lice. Either that, or she got it from a ride at disney maybe. Not sure. In any case, I am doing about 20 loads of laundry over the next few days.  I noticed my daughter was very itchy about a week ago ( a couple of days after our Disney visit). I let it go for a couple of days. I didn't see any lice or eggs in her hair. Finally, after about 4 days of complaining of itching...I took her to walk in clinic this weekend. We had tried some new shampoo recently and I mentioned it to doc. He saw some rashy spots on scalp and thought it was a reaction, so he gave us a steroid shampoo. Usually steroids work immediately...and I noticed she was still itching like crazy after about 4 days so I looked at her scalp and saw a live bug!!!! I shampooed her with the special chemical stuff from the pharmacy and used the special metal comb and you wouldn't believe how many eggs came out....and I saw a few live bugs too! I am going to shampoo everyone just incase, but none of us are itchy except for my daughter. So gross. I cancelled play dates and told two of our closest friends/neighbors. Don't want to pass it back and forth. Is this pretty common?? My sister said a lot of people got it where she lives. 

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Hang in there. It will pass with patience. When my daughter got it my husband just wanted to cut the hair off. Little did he know the eggs are close to the scalp. We did use Rid x but my friend told me about Listerine - the original smelly kind. I covered her head with it and put a cap on for about 5-10 minutes. It kills the eggs along with live ones. But I also kept her hair in braids and kept baby oil on her hair since lice does not stick to it. Her hair was greasy but I did not care one bit. Luckily it was during a Xmas break. The comb did ok but not well enough for me so I sat her in the sunlight or in the tub with a small chair- the tub had a light over it. I unbraided one side and pinned her hair up started from the bottom and went strand by strand. was time consuming but took breaks often.  I also washed her clothes and washed anything I could get my hands on. I then bagged them up and did not let them back in the house till it was for sure over. As for her stuffed animals and things I could just throw in the dryer I did that too to heat them up. Not sure if everything fixed they were gone quick. And I listerined her again about 5 days later too. And I used the baby oil too in the hair too

Jmarr, my thoughts are with you.  When I read your post I put on a serious frown face.  I'm so sorry you have to deal with this.  Really this is going to be so much work to know you're rid of these things.  

Your roll-a-way bed assumption could be on the mark.  I saw some sort of hotel expose program that showed hotel employees using roll-a-way beds for their own use for breaks, naps and even overnight stays at their work place for themselves and their children and I've heard whispers through the industry that some employees will offer rollaways to transiet folks as a place to sleep, too.  So, even if you are at a luxury resort, non-guests could have had access to the roll-a-way.   Part of the story I saw was these beds do not get cleaned as often as what normal beds in hotels would either.   They could have linens put on them after use and then folded up and stored this way for lengthy periods where a room bed would have a higher cleaning turnover. 

But this brings me to my next point, this certainly isn't a class "thing" as it was once perceived.   There are so many ways this can happen.  

But overall, I appreciate you sharing your story if only as a warning for us to take pause when considering rollaway bed use at hotels. 

I googled rollaway and lice together and you can find many traveler reviewers that suspect they contracted bugs via rollaways.   Here's one as an example that you can find at this link: Traveler Reviews

The doctor determined it was scabies (body lice) which must have come from the rollaway bed he slept on. Its been almost a year since he slept anywhere but his own bed, so this has to be the culprit. They are currently "investigating." If you MUST stay here, I advise to stay far away from rollaway beds.

I wish you the best of luck in this and hope the lice won't transfer to the rest of you.  

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