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Does anyone use Life Alert for their older relatives or anything like it?  Seriously thinking about looking into something like this for when we go on a vacation and leave my mom home alone.  When we went away last year I asked 2 different neighbors to check in on her from time to time, but neither did.  She's not that she is really old, but has medical issues.  Last year I called her several times a day to make sure she was okay.  Plus the one dog I have for some odd reason has went after her when she fell a few times inside or even if she bends over to far.  This is the one that was attacked before by another dog.  I have no family that can check in on her when we leave. 

Any suggestions?  She doesn't use a cell phone either.  She refuses to own one and really can't even use one.  I lent her one before to take to the store.  She missed my call and had to go to electronics to find someone to help her pull the voice mail and call me back.  She borrowed her sister's cell once and somehow got it locked on another screen.  Was to funny!!

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I do think they work but the person must want it.  I say this because we had one for my mother-in-law, but she did not want it and refused to wear the bracelet or the necklace with the button on it to press for help, so when she fell, it did not help at all.  I think they have one now where the person just has to yell out and something comes on, but I am not sure about that one.  It would be worth looking into though to give you peace of mind when she is alone.

I joked with her last year and actually yesterday about sending away for more info on it.  She dared me..lol  She would use it.  Just need to find out if the service is 24/7 or can I just pay to use it when I need it.  She won't fight me on, that I know.  She just fights me on learning the computer and getting a cell phone. LOL

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