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Got a bunch of stuff to drop off at the Goodwill truck today.  Trying to clear tings as I go.  Didn't realize there's still a bunch of stuff hanging around.  Hoping to get into the shed this weekend and clear a bunch of stuff out.  I have a lot of crystal drinking glasses in a box out there as well as a bunch of child toys.  Need to make room in there so I can get the mower in and out without dragging a bunch of stuff out if the way.  Plus fix hubby's bike (front tire came off the frame) and fill the tires with air. 

Going to start shredding papers tonight.  I'll bag them up and then burn them later this week.  Easier to burn shredded paper than tossing it straight into the grill to burn.  Didn't realize all the papers I had on the side to shred/burn.  Lots to do.

Besides cleaning I have a few fix it's to be done too that I am not looking forward to.  I need to replace the kitchen faucet.  Pretty easy to do, but the angle of the sink (caddy corner) and the opening of the cabinet (8-10 inches) is the tough part.  Got to wiggle in and try to reach up behind the sink basin to reach everything.  Had enough issues a few years ago replacing the faucet in one of the bathrooms.  Going to be fun!!  Wish I had a friend that does plumbing and repair work to barter with.  Need to get the tub in the front bathroom replaced.  Not a job I really want to do.  Sometimes it's best to rent so someone else will take care of it...lol

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