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Just giving everyone a heads up on a real cool and affordable resort. Esp w/ summer coming up. I have stayed at this resort 2x, going on 3rd time next month. It is well worth it, esp if you find deals.  Sometimes it is cheaper to book through the website and sometimes you can find better deals elsewhere.  This last time I booked through travelocity.  This resort is uber family friendly.  I have stayed in a 2bdrm and a 1 bdrm. The amenities alone are worth the cost.  For about the same price of staying at a regular hotel you get a fully stocked kitchen (minus food/drinks-that you have to provide yourself), a washer and dryer-w/ laundry soap, 1,2, or 3 bdrms.  The resort also has mini golf, surrey bikes, a park, paddles boats, daily activities (cost extra), pool side movies and it's own pool w/ slides-perfect for the kids. All the activities (minus the ones that cost extra) are included in your stay.  I also really like that the resort is gated.   There is karaoke on Friday nights and sometimes on Saturdays. I do believe that part of the resort is privately owned.  I will forewarn you that when you check it that they will try and get you to reserve a spot to sit through  a spiel about purchasing whatever they are selling.  Just let them know, right away, that you are local and not interested, they will leave you alone. I will also state that on Sat. the pool can get a lil crowded, but still worth it.  Sometimes on Sundays they host a "pool" party w/ a dj and games.   My kids LUV staying here.  They ask me every yr when we are going again.  So, I do believe that I have found our yr staycay spot....LOL

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Thanks for adding this.  I am constantly on the look out for places like this close to home.  I've never heard of Liki Tiki.  Their amenities page sounds pretty awesome and I do like the extended stay options beyond just a hotel room with beds. 

We've gone to the Wyndham at Downtown Disney many times.  We love walking right into Downtown Disney and the kids enjoy the pool there.  The rates are super cheap in the summer for Florida residents if you watch for them.   I've seen them as low as $65 before taxes.

Here is a picture I just grabbed from their website (click here for it)

Another place we like to go which can be a little more pricey is Gaylord Palms.  They have a new water area my kids love.   They also really like the overall scale and ambiance of the whole place.  They like to play soccer on a turf play area, there is outdoor fireplaces to roast marshmallows and the indoor atrium is fun to explore. 

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