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I will be suprising my husband with a trip to Puerto Rico for his birthday. I am looking for a great hotel (reasonable) in San Juan near the shopping district, very close to the beach and that has free continental breakfest as we will be there about five days and this will help defry cost. Can anyone give me any suggestions or tell me about your experience?



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I'm envious and excited for you all in one breath!  I hope you have so much fun!

I have a friend (I just texted her for details) that has been to Puerto Rico several times.  I know she likes to stay in the town of Fajardo, but it could just be because her husband has business trips in that area.  She has said how much she has liked the island.

I know I've heard from her, and others, that Fajardo Bioluminescent Bay is a bucket list can't miss.

I heard back (they are awesome!) and I hope this helps.  I don't know what amenities are offered at these locations, but they are previous visitors to these hotels and these are their suggestions.  I added the links for each one, and taking a peek, lol, I'm even more jealous.   It looks like a lot of fun.   Good luck and I think it's so sweet you are surprising your honey with a trip.   I hope you will add your own trip details when you return.   :) 

The Caribe Hilton in San Juan

the El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo

Just in case your still searching El Convento in old San Juan is perfect. It's a little pricey but the location and service is more than excellent. Daily complimentary wine and horsd'ouvours with nice private beach. Most say its worth the splurge. #1 hotel in Puerto Rico, and also has a rooftop pool! Great location.

We just spent a week in Puerto Rico last month, so here are my two cents. Check out tripadvisor, homeaway, or flipkey for vacation rentals from private owners. You may find a better deal than at a hotel. Also, most vacation rentals have kitchens, so you can grab juice and muffins or frozen breakfast sandwiches from the grocery store to help offset costs.  Fajardo is a nice place to stay, but it adds quite a bit of drive time if you want to explore the Central and Western parts of the island. Of course the ferries to Culebra and Vieques depart from Fajardo, so if that's on your agenda it may be a great place to stay. Old San Juan seems to have some nice accommodations and it's close to the forts. Dorado looks like a beautiful place as well. We stayed in Fajardo last time, but definitely planning to stay more central on our next visit.

My last few tips: A rental car is a must if you want to get the most out of your vacation. Gps is good to have as well. Avoid the Wal-Mart in Carolina(close to the airport) at all costs. The traffic and bad drivers(in Carolina shopping district) are awful! Go to as many different beaches as possible, they are all very unique and beautiful.

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